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Quick walkthrough

This is a quick walkthrough describing how to beat Mario 64 DS in a simple list type way.  Although this can be used separately, it is best used to determine which order to get the stars, then checking the full walkthrough for the method.  This sounds complicated, but the idea works well enough in theory!

  1. Start the game.

  2. When outside, catch the rabbit to get a key.

  3. Unlock the door.

  4. Get star 1 in Bob-omb Battlefield.

  5. Get star 2

  6. Get star 1 from the secret slide.

  7. Get star 3 in Bob-omb Battlefield.

  8. Get star 1 in Whomp's fortress.

  9. Get star 2 in Whomp's fortress

  10. Get star 3 in Whomp's Fortress

  11. Get star 2 in the secret slide.

  12. Rescue Mario

  13. Get the star in Sunshine Isles.

  14. Get star 4 in Bob-omb Battlefield.

  15. Get the rest of the stars in Bob-omb Battlefield.

  16. Beat Bowser, also gaining the two stars from his level.

  17. Beat the rest of Whomp's Fortress.

  18. Hit the red switch

  19. Beat stars 1-6 in Cool, cool Mountain.

  20. Beat stars 1-6 in Jolly Roger Bay

  21. Enter the courtyard

  22. Collect the eight Red coins

  23. Beat the Battle Fort level

  24. Go into Big Boo's Haunt and beat stars 1-5

  25. Unlock Luigi

  26. Beat star 6 of Big Boo's Haunt and star 6 of Jolly Roger Bay

  27. Beat all levels in Lethal Lava Land

  28. Complete levels 1-3 in Hazy Maze Cave

  29. Complete stars 1-4 in Shifting Sand Land

  30. Beat levels 1-2 in Dire, dire Docks

  31. Defeat Bowser in Fire Sea, also gaining the two stars in the level.

  32. Unlock the 3rd Floor

  33. Unlock Wario

  34. Complete all earlier levels that require Wario

  35. Finish all of Goomboss Battle.

  36. Complete Snowman's land levels

  37. Complete Chief Chilly Challenge once and for all.

  38. Finish Wet-dry World

  39.  finish Tall, tall mountain

  40. Defeat all the levels in Tiny-huge Island

  41. Complete the stars in Behind the waterfall and Secret under the moat

  42. Complete all secret levels missed prior.

  43. Go to the 4th floor.

  44. Nab the two stars in over the rainbows

  45. Complete all of Tick, tock, clock

  46. Finish of Rainbow Ride

  47. Grab the two stars in Bowser's level.

  48. Grab the white rabbits for the final star.

  49. Defeat Bowser in the Sky.

  50. Unlock all the minigames

  51. Shoot to the roof.

After all that, relax!

After you gain all 150 stars:

You can blast to the roof in the cannon, gain 3 extra lives and catch Luigi's last and final rabbit.  The penguin you race on the ice slide is much larger making the race  harder.

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