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Mario 64 DS walkthrough part 3


Snowman's Land

1- Snowman's Big Head

Ignore the name and leave this mission until last.  Then, go forward until you see a tree and wake up the owl.  Fly to the star.

2- Chill with the bully

From the start, go right and straight to an ice arena.   Now, just repeat your general strategy for killing the big bully and kill the ice bully.  Gain another star.

3- Yoshi's Ice Sculpture

From the start, go straight and get the power flower to breathe fire.  Melt the blocks to unlock the star.

4- Whirl from the Freezing Pond

From the start, go past the ice arena until you reach the open area behind it.   Keep going until you reach the freezing pond and jump to the island.  Bounce off the snowman's head to the higher bank and hit the yellow block on the left for a star.

5- Snowman's Silver Star

Collect these silver stars first:

Now, whirl from the freezing pond and hit the right block for a shell then collect these silver stars:

Now get the star.

Quick cheat: Enter the igloo after collecting three or so, then just come back out! The silver stars will reappear and you can collect another two or three! Use this to easily get the star!

6- Into the Igloo

As Luigi, go to igloo( get the shell, surf up a steep slope and jump the fence.)  When inside, hit the red block and drop through the mesh.  Take the star.  That's it!  No catch!

7- Red Coins in the House

For this easy star, simply return to the igloo and nab all the red coins.  Grab the star that appears.

Wet-dry World

1- Shocking arrow lifts!:

Note the changes in water level in this world.  But as always, there is a quick way to complete this star.  Drain the water to the lowest height and stand behind the sticking out section of the step platform.  You will teleport to the cannon.  Drop of these side and hit the block for a star.

2- Top of the town

For this star, raise the water to the highest level.  Now swim to the area with the purple robot and jump to the plank.  Cross it and jump up a few more platforms to the star!

3- Secrets of the shallows and sky:

Like in a red coin mission, here are where the secrets are:

Just nab the star( as usual).

4- Express Elevator, hurry up!

For this mission, go to where the cage is.  But instead of riding it, as Luigi, hit the nearby red block.  Turn invisible and hover through the cage to the star platform.

5- Red coins in Downtown

For this star, first exit downtown in one of three ways:

  1. Via cannon

  2. Float over as Mario

  3. Go through the Mesh as invisible Luigi.

Now, swim to the town.  Lower the water level now and if Wario or Yoshi, get the Luigi cap.  Now collect the red coins for the star!

6- Quick race through Downtown!

Go to Downtown and become Luigi.  Turn invisible now and quickly run through the mesh and ascend the platforms to the star.

7- Soaked Silver Stars

Using the map, collect the 5 silver stars as usual.

Tall, tall, Mountain

1- Scale the mountain

As in Snowman's Land leave this star until last then just fly there.

2- Mystery of the Monkey Cage

On this level you have to make use of another monkey at the summit, not the one that collects caps.  First, scale the mountain, FAIRLY( no owl), and attempt to catch the monkey at the top.  When you finally corner and capture it, agree to let it go.  When it opens and drops the cage, grab the star!

3- Scary 'shrooms and 8 red coins:

This is the familiar red coin collecting mission that's in every world.  Play as Luigi.  The coins are:

1-4 On the mushrooms( the small middle one is a warp).

5-8 On the climbing area by all the moles.

The star will appear on the mushroom by the moles.  Jump there as Luigi and grab it.

4- Mysterious Mountainside

This is the best bit of this mountain, another slide!  but if you're reading this, you don't have to bother with the tough slide!  First, start as Luigi. Next, use the owl to reach the mountaintop.  get the flower and back flip off the top and float to the area with the chuckya.  Finally, float off the side and with the remaining invisibility, go through the red mesh to the star!  Much easier!

5- Blast to the Lonely Mushroom

If you're reading this, you want a shortcut so here it is.  Go to the area by the rolling log as Luigi and back flip then hover to the star!

6- Five secrets of the mountain

All your secrets are in coin rings so collect them by flying around as Mario!


For this, play as Wario.  Fly to the bridge with the owl, hit the switch and walk across the bridge to the black brick.  Smash it for a star!

Tiny-Huge Island

1- Pluck the Piranha Flower

This star is actually harder than stars 2, 4 and 7!  For this star, start off huge on the tiny island.  jump to the platform to the far left of where you start and enter the pipe.  Now ground pound the log nearest the start and get the mushroom.  Now it's easy to kill the huge piranha plants!

2- The tip-top of the Island

For this, start a giant.  Now jump to higher ledge with the pipe and enter it.  jump up two ledges, cross the bridge and the star's in a block!

3- Rematch with Koopa the quick

First, follow the last instructions to the bridge, drop down to the beach side of the ledge and meet Koopa the Quick, who's still slow at racing.  Agree to race and follow the bowling balls until the bridge.  cross it, touch the flag and gain a star!

4- Klepto the Condor

Can this be any easier! Just jump to the sea on the tiny island and hit Klepto when he flies overhead.  Now return to the area with the pipe needed for pluck the Piranha Flower and back flip hover to the island for another star!

5- Wiggler's Eight Red Coins:

This is red coins but first, how to find them!  Go to the island while small and talk to the bob-omb buddy to open the cannon.  Turn giant and return and enter the cannon.  Aim for the tree on the top ledge so you grab it and walk to the left.  Cross the bridge and enter the cave.

The map:

1 Red coin and 1 blue coin box     red coin     Star will appear here  
red coin
      Red coin
    Red coin
    Red coin Red coin    

Just use the simple map!  Don't try to copy it!

6- Make Wiggler Squirm

For this easy star, start out huge and jump your way to the mountain top.  Ground pound to drain the water.  now turn big and make your way up there again.  drop through the hole to enter the top part of the previous star's cave.  Now face an easy boss!

To defeat the boss, Wiggler, jump on his head three times.  Dodge his attacks then jump and repeat twice to make a strange effect happen after the following story after the battle.  Now just take the star.  He didn't actually want it anyway!

7- Switch star of the Island

Now for the switch star you probably new was coming up.  First, access the cave with the red coins.  Hit the switch on the final platform and hover to the star( use Luigi's back flip and hover jump).

Tick-Tock Clock

I don't usually give an intro to a level guide but in this level, watch the main hand on the clock before you enter.  If it's at twelve, the clock will stop totally!

1- Luigi in the cage

Prior to actually getting the star, take a shortcut to it.  stop time and climb the green platforms to the top.  Now pass the cage and climb the platforms to the red block.  watch the map , take the flower, drop through the mesh and get a star!

2- Pendulum Switch Star

Odd, I thought levels had one or the other but here there's both!  A switch star and silver stars( huge spoiler announcement).  If this is easy....  Just go to the area beyond the pole and hit the switch.  Jump across to the other side and get a star!  They tried to make it harder than the old Pit and the Pendulums star.  They failed.

3- Get a hand

Well, don't stop the clock!  Make our way to the area with the first hand and jump on it.  Ride it to the star!

4- Stomp on the Thwomp

Ok, so this is mega hard!  In fact, call me harsh, but being kind I'll let anyone reading figure it out on their own!

5-Timed jumps on Moving Bars

As Wario, stop the clock.  Now find your way to above the star and walk off the edge!  Pound the block and get an easy star!

6- Stop time for eight red coins

Too easy.  Just climb the platforms that normally rotate with clock stopped and get the coins!  Collect the star after this!

7- Tick-tock Silver Stars

Just wait.  I'm not kidding!  The stars will eventually just drop down to you!  And why do bob-ombs randomly fall from the sky on this mission?!

Rainbow Ride

1- Cruiser Crossing the rainbow

For this star follow this route:

Jump to the pole from where you start.

Climb the pole

Cross the spinning platforms to the first flying carpets

Take the ride

Take the right carpet to the house

Gain the Mario cap

Float to the ship using the power flower.

Turn into Wario

Become metal

Get the star after all your hard work!

2- The Big House in the sky

For this star follow this route:

Jump to the pole from where you start.

Climb the pole

Cross the spinning platforms to the first flying carpets

Take the ride

Take the right carpet to the house

Gain the Mario cap

Float to the top of the house and grab another star for your collection!

3- Red coins amassed in a maze

Just grab the coins from the maze!  If I found it a cinch, so should you!  You don't need help for this!

4- Swinging in the Breeze

For this star follow this route:

Jump to the pole from where you start.

Slide down to the platform.

Walk to the platforms

Turn right and cross them.

Go up

Turn backward and cross those ahead.

Climb the wall

Cross the gap

Avoid the flamethrowers and get the star!

5- Tricky Triangles!

For this star follow this route:

Jump to the pole from where you start.

Slide down to the platform.

Walk to the platforms

Turn right and cross them.

Go up

Turn backward and cross those ahead.

Keep crossing, past the flamethrower.

Hit the switch.

Quickly cross the platforms to the star!

6- Over the Rainbow

Just go to the ship as Mario, get a flower and float through the ring shaped rainbow.  avoid the chuckya and get the star!

7- Switch Star of the Manor

Return to the mansion as Mario and jump off the balcony to the switch on a platform.  Quickly go inside and float to the roof.  Gain the last star here.

What to do next?

Fight Bowser( see section 4).

To part 4