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Walkthrough Part 4

Important Notice about Stars

If you are still missing 15 stars after using this walkthrough, it is because you have failed to collect the 100 coin stars.  To get these, just collect 100 coins in each of the 15 main courses (not the Bowser levels or secret levels) and you will get a star.  It will appear where you have collected the last star in the level.  Do not collect if over bottomless pit.  Tips are:

Goomboss Battle-

Unlocking Mario- From the start, go down the slide and cross the rising and falling logs.  Avoid the piranha plant and lakitu and climb the pole, getting the extra life.  Go up the bridge and jump down the hole.


From the start, go around him and eat a goomba.  Turn it into an egg with R and fire it at Goomboss.  Although he gets faster, just repeat this simple process twice more to get Mario's key.

Goomboss Red coins:

The red coins are scattered over a large area o gain them as Luigi.  The super mushroom helps and also ride the platforms and become Wario, then break the brick for a star!

Switch star of Goomboss Battle-

From the start, go down and right.  Go up the narrow path and cross the platforms to the wide platform.  Hit the switch star and run into the cage, wall jumping to the top.  Grab the star.

Big Boo Battle

Unlocking Luigi- From the start, take the door without the unlockable.  Now go left over a collapsing bridge, then right in the next room.  Long jump to the left door in the next room.  Finally, go straight and climb the platforms.  Jump in the hole.

King Boo/Big Boo-

When he appears, punch him in the back if he is in your dimension.  If not, play as Luigi and punch him in the back in the reflection.  Repeat this process twice for Luigi's key.

Big Boo Battle Red coins:

1- In the first room

2- near the eye

3- Near the right door.

4-In the corner in the air

5- Near the right door

6- In the air

7- In the air to the far left

8- In a black brick.

Collect your star, which will appear right near you!

Secret of Battle Fort:

Just collect the silver stars which are:

1- Above a pole

2 In a goomba to the far side of where you start.

3- In a brick

4- In a brick

5 In a goomba

Now collect your star!

Secret star-

Return to Big Boo battle and get the invisibility flower from the red block.  Run  right then left to the final room and run through the painting to a star!

Chief Chilly

First, back flip hover as Luigi over the side to the hole.  Much easier course now.  For chief Chilly, Keep ground pounding him into the icy water until  he surrenders.  Beat him wearing a Wario cap and watch him cry how someone has a better moustache!

Secret star of Chief Chilly challenge:

First, hover to the platform with the Wario cap and ride the platform with it on.  Turn metal and walk over the bridge.  Now just break the black brick.

Red coins:

1 above the mesh platform

2- In mid-air past the red block

3 In between all the bullies

4- In the pond

5-6 Above the shifting platforms

7 Behind the mesh wall

8- On a distant platform( float to access).

The White Room:

In the mirror room get a power flower as Luigi.  Walk through it and enter the rear door.  Take the star in the white room!  It's like something changed via the Debug Master Control in Smash Bros Melee!

Over the rainbows:

The red coins can be gained by flying around the clouds with the wing cap.

Secret star:

Get the Wario cap on the cannon platform and shoot to the tree on the cloud.  Break the block for a star!


The White Door

Catch the glowing rabbits to get the key.  Don't e-mail.  It's random.

The Secret Aquarium

In the Jolly Roger Bay painting room there's two black holes go in both for a mushroom( 1up) and this level.  Sigh.  More red coin collecting....

Red coin

Red coin

Red coin
Red coin   Star appears here   Red coin
Red coin

Red coin

Red coin

Note: It's underwater.

Vanish Cap under the moat:

Secret star; From the start, go down to the bottom of the slope.  Now get the Mario cap and hit the red block.  Float over to the far platforms and get another red block after hitting the star switch.  float up to the second block.  Hit it and float to the star.

Red coins:


1-4 on the slope

5-6 above the seesaw

7 in mid-air near the spinning platforms

8- At the end of the course

Grab your well deserved shiny reward!

Tower of the Wing Cap:

Look into the light and when in the level, fly through the red coins to get a star.


Metal Cap Cavern:

Secret star:

Go to the end as Mario and hit the block.  Float up to the star.

Red coins:

They are scattered around the course and mainly underwater.  The star will require you to be metal Wario to get.

Bowser in the Dark World:

Red coin locations:

1- Right of the start.

2- Right of the flamethrower.

3- Near the amps.

4- On the yellow platform.

5- Floating near the moving platforms.

6- On a separate island joined to the main course by a bridge, with an amp.

7- To the left of the seesaws, on the ledge.

8- On top of the overhangs, over the seesaws.

Switch Star:

Hit the switch by the pipe and run to the furthest overhang where the star will appear.

Bowser in the Fire Sea:

Red coins:

1- On a mesh platform accessed by a bridge.

2- On the tilting platform

3- Forward of the pole in mid-air.

4- On a platform with a bully.

5- Above part of the upward path.


Switch star:

The switch is on a platform near the pipe.  Hit it and back flip hover as Luigi across the lava area to the star.

Bowser in the Sky:

Red coins:

1- In the air near the first crate.

2- Behind a piranha flower.

3- On a small ledge further from the piranha flower.

4- Above the path with flamethrowers

5- Above a platform in the yellow platform riding area.

6- Behind a cone shaped object on a rotating platform.

7- Above the second pole from the last red coin.

8- In a secret alcove under the final bridge.

Switch star:

Past the piranha flower, drop down and run to the end of the platform.  Hit the switch and run along, up some platforms and to the star.  It's on a platform with an amp that spins nearer the goomba path.

Princess Peach's Secret slide:

Go in the second floor door with a one star symbol on.  jump into the Princess Peach stained glass window and slide down the simple slide.  Get the star from the block.

Secret star in secret slide:

Finish in under 21 seconds.

Sunshine Isles:

Just gain the easy silver stars which are:

1- On the centre island

2- Up a tree on a smaller island

3- On a plain island

4- The condor's carrying one

5- In an alcove behind the main island.

Get the star that appears at the starting island.

Courtyard Red coins:

These coins are in 8 boos in the courtyard.  It is easier to get them yourself and gain the star yourself! It is also rumoured that this disappears later in the game. If this happens, talk to each of the Toads and one will give you the star.

Toad's star 1:

Talk to Toad near Hazy Mazy Cave

Toad star 2:

Talk to Toad near Tall, Tall Mountain picture

Toad's star 3:

Talk to him by Tick-Tock Clock.

Bowser in the Sky

Getting to Bowser:

First, run straight across the platforms and up the vertical path.

Follow the path to a piranha plant.

Cross the spinning platform.

Back flip to the path overhead.

Hit the switch

Run up the steps.

Follow the path to the moving platform.

Ride it to the platforms.

Cross them and scale the pole.

Avoid the goombas, jump to the pole and across the gap.

Follow the path and go up the spinning platforms.

Get to the pipe.


This is the final showdown with Bowser in the game so ignore what he says then battle him in the final battle!  First, dodge his flames if you don't grab him instantly.  Then grab his tail.  Throw him at a mine like before, it looks like it's over.....  But he gets up so grab him again and throw him at another.  Now part of the arena will collapse!  Throw him while he stomps the ground( it won't cause any damage) and attempt to throw him at another mine.  If you miss, dodge his shock wave by jumping.   Repeat until you win!

By following this you will have 150 stars!

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