Mario 64 DS walkthrough

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  1. Bob-omb Battlefield
  2. Whomp's fortress
  3. Jolly Roger Bay
  4. Cool, cool, Mountain
  5. Big Boo's Haunt
  6. Hazy, maze Cave
  7. Lethal Lava Land
  8. Shifting Sand Land
  9. Dire, dire, docks
  10. Snowman's Land
  11. Wet-dry World
  12. Tall, tall mountain
  13. Tiny-huge Island
  14. Tick, tock clock
  15. Rainbow Ride
  16. Goomboss Battle
  17. Big Boo Battle
  18. Chief Chilly Challenge
  19. Wing Cap tower
  20. Vanish Cap course( secret under the moat)
  21. Metal Cap Cavern


Wario's rabbits

Mario's rabbits

Luigi's rabbits

Yoshi's rabbits

Bob-omb Battlefield

1- Big bob-omb on the summit

Firstly, go straight up the bridge and right to the meadow.  Stand in the middle to teleport.  When you emerge go straight and up the slope.  Follow the path to the alcove and warp to the top of the mountain.  After talking to the big bob-omb, wait til he throws a bomb, eat it and spit it back at him.  Repeat twice.

2- Footrace with Koopa the quick

After talking to Koopa the Quick, run straight and teleport to in front of the mountain.  Run up the slope and warp to the top.  Wait for K.T.Q. and then get your star.

3- Five silver stars

4- Big Bob-omb's Revenge

Run up to the top of the mountain where you fought the Big Bobomb and talk.  You would have needed to unlock Mario.  Run to the back of him and throw him to the ground.  Repeat twice for a star.

5- Mario Wings to the sky

Firstly, as Mario, shoot to the floating island.  Get the wing cap and get into the cannon.   Shoot through the rings of coins, then fly down and grab the star.

6- 8 Red Coins

Just get the coins from these locations:

7-  Behind Chain chomp's gate

Start as Luigi and hit the red block.  Then, as invisible, walk through the gate behind the chain chomp.

Whomp's Fortress

1- Chip off Whomp's block

Go straight up the path.  Dodge the piranha plant and turn right over the bridge.    Turn right again and dodge the obstacles til you reach a whomp.  Dodge or kill it then turn and continue until you reach the platforms.  Climb up and talk to the King Whomp.  After his speech, wait for him to fall at you, then dodge.  Ground pound the bandage.  Repeat this 3 times.  Get the star.

2- Top of the fortress

Keep going until you reach where the Whomp was( the king Whomp) and climb the newly built tower and grab the star.

3- Shoot into the wild blue.

Go left to the cannon and talk to the bob-omb buddy to open the cannon.  Aim at the middle, top of the floating platform.  If aimed correctly, you will grab onto the pole and slide down.  Grab the star.

4- red coins on the floating isle

The red coins are in these locations:

5- fall onto the caged island

At the start, climb the tree til an owl comes out.  Grab it and fall onto the said caged island.

6- Blast away the wall

Go to the cannon and aim at the right corner wall.  Grab the star that appears.

7- Switch star of the fortress

Keep going right and over the fence until you see a red brick.  Smash it, hit the switch and run until you retrieve the star in the glass enclosure.

Jolly Roger Bay

1- Plunder the sunken ship

From the star, swim until you reach the open area of water.  Swim down to the ship.  Go to the left of where the eel is until it leaves the window.  Go through the window.  Regain lost air and swim to the chest.  When the water drains out, climb the platforms and get the star.

2- Can the eel come out to play?

Go to where the eel is trapped in the reef and wait to the side of it.  When it comes out, grab the star on the eel's tail.


Swim into the underwater cavern and run to the back of the cave.  Open the chests in the right order and seize the star.

4- Blast to the stone pillar

Unlock the cannon as usual.  Then aim slightly higher than one of the three poles.  Jump to the platform with the power star.

5- red coins on the ship afloat

Find the red coins in these locations:

6- Switch star of the bay

Go into the cavern and get Luigi's cap.  Hit the red block and hit the switch, then running through the mesh to the star.

7- Through the jet stream

As Wario, hit the red block to sink through the water and jet stream. Get the star.

Cool, Cool, mountain


Go down the chimney.  On the ice slide, slide to the coins leading into a wall.  Follow them to a secret passage.  At the end, walk through the door and grab the star.

2- Little penguin lost

At the mountain top, pick up the penguin( not as Yoshi), and jump off the bridge.  Slide down to the ice block.  Go left and jump to the bottom.  Talk to the penguin's mother and get the star.

3- Big penguin race

Follow the first star and talk to the penguin.  Decide to race.  Race him down to the bottom of the slide( do not cheat).  Win the race.  Grab your well deserved star.

4- Frosty slide for 8 red coins

Find the red coins at these locations.  You must do this star as Yoshi.

Grab the appearing star.

5- Snowman's lost his head

Go to left and talk to the snowball.  Agree to lead him to a head.  Go down the slope to the head.  Grab the star.

6- Mario's Super Wall Kick

Go to the cannon.  Shoot at the far away tree under the mountain.  Follow the path until the gap.  Jump it and walk kick up to the top and the star.

7- Switch star

As Wario, break the frozen pond.  Then, go the switch on the mountain. After hitting it, jump off and get your star.

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