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Big Boo's Haunt

1- Go on a Ghost Hunt

Welcome to my favourite level in Mario 64 DS, the ghost house/haunted mansion level of Big Boo's Haunt!  For this first star you need to kill all the Boos which are:

  1. In the room in the back of mansion, ground floor.

  2. Same as 1

  3. In the room that is 3rd door from the left, through the front entrance.

  4. Room to the right of 3.

  5. Room to the right of 4.

A 'scary' message will appear so return to the foyer, and prepare to face the Big Boo.  To defeat him, either run around and punch him or stand with your back turned and as he approaches, ground pound.  Run up the newly appeared stairs and take the star.

2- Big Boo's Merry Go round

For this star, go in the shed to start.  Avoid the Mr I and take the elevator down.  Follow the hall to the water filled room.  Go through a door.  You appear on a carousel.  Wait for the boo's and kill them and the Big Boo appears.  Kill him as in the star 1.

3- Secret of the Haunted Books

This is easy.  From the start, go up the stairs and to the second door to the left.  Follow the path and hit the books in order to open a secret passage to a shiny star!

4- Seek the eight red coins

Just do as in every other red coin mission...

Get your star.

5- Big Boo's Balcony

Play this star as Luigi.  Go to the room to the right on the second floor and back flip to a ledge to enter the attic.  Go through the door you see to the left and go through it.  Kill the Big Boo.  Now back flip to the star.

6- Eye to eye in the secret room

Go to the door to the far right on the second floor.  Hit the block to become invisible and back flip to the attic.  Run through the painting to meet a huge Mr I.  Kill him like a normal sized version and take the star.

7- Switch star of the basement

As Wario, go the basement where there is a black brick block.  Smash it and get a cap.  Hit the switch and run round quickly to the star.

Hazy Maze Cave

1- Swimming Beast in the Cavern

In this huge world, go to the Black hole region( i.e. to the left when you start).  Run down the cavern to the back while avoiding the boulders.  Step on the elevator, go down and get on the beast's back.  Grab the Wario cap.  Jump off towards the island as smash the boulder.  Grab your shiny reward.

2- Elevate for eight red coins

Another red coin mission.  Sigh.

Well, get the new star.

3- Metal-head Wario can move

Go to the cavern with the swimming beast.  Hit the block to turn metal( as Wario) and run down to the switch.  Now, go through the door, long jump the gaps and nab a star.

4- Navigating the Toxic Maze

As Luigi, go left at the start. Go down to where the lagoon with the swimming beast is. Now grab the power flower to become invisible, and jump on the platform. Ride it up and quickly go through the mesh for the star!

5-Amaze-ing Emergency Exit

Enter a Luigi. Go left and cross the black hole to the brick block Now stand on the edge nearest the rolling rocks and back flip. You should be able to grab the edge of the platform above and easily grab the star.

6- Watch out for Rolling Rocks

As Wario, go to the black hole region as Wario.  Now, smash the block to get a mushroom, grow gigantic and smash the boulders for a star.

7- Switch star of the cavern

Well, you can probably guess what I'm going to say.  Go the construction site, smash the brick, hit the switch and get the star.

Lethal Lava Land

1- Boil the Big Bully

Well, prepare for one simple boss.  Follow the path til you reach the big black, round, horned creature and punch it into lava.  Get a star.  Was that meant to be a boss?

2- Bully the Bullies

Follow the path to the Big Bully and ride the mesh to a round arena.  Punch off the bullies( ground pound like hell) and Big Bully appears again..  Defeat him.. again and snatch the star.


For this star, simply take the red coins that are on the puzzle pieces.  Take your golden reward.

4- Red Hot Log Rolling

Ignore the title as there is an easy way.  From the star, jump to the round platform as Luigi, turn invisible, run along the platforms, jump and bounce through the net to the star!

5- Hot Foot it into the Volcano

Now to enter the volcano.  Jump into the volcano when you reach it then:

6- Into the volcano

Take the path as said, then back flip and spin as Luigi to the platforms and the star.

7- Flaming Silver Stars

Simply get on the shell, collect the stars and get your prize!( a star).

Shifting Sand Land

1- In the talons of the big bird

For this simple star, go straight to a stone structure and get a shell.  Surf over the hills near the start and press Z.  Now get on a pillar and punch the star away from Klepto.

2- To the top of the pyramid

For this star, enter as Mario.  Get a cap and hit the red block.  Now get hit and take the power flower.  Float to the star.

3- Into the pyramid

For this mission, go right round the level to the pyramid and drop into the doorway.  Inside, go right until you can see a ledge above.  TRiple jump to that ledge and climb the pole.  Walk along and cross the pit by hanging on the wire net.  Climb up and dodge the rolling enemy by jumping it.  Continue up more stairs and follow the path while avoiding the amps.  Climb the pole.  Ride the Twomp to the far side of the next narrow ledge and climb up to the star.

4- Stand tall on the four pillars

Go the pavillion as Mario and get the wing cap.  Fly to each pillar, ground pounding it until the pyramid roof flies off.  Inside, ride the cage to the hole and follow the pathway to Eyerok.


The simple tactic here is to punch each eye three times.  After 3 hits to one, dodge the other's ramming attack and punch it's eye a few more times to win.

Get the star.

Toy box Switch Star-

Enter as Wario and go to the path with the toy boxes.  Keeping jumping to the area with the cannon and hit the black brick.  Break it and hit the switch.  Keep running and long jumping to the star.

Pyramid Puzzle-

Go into the pyramid and where the net you have to cross is, drop.  Grab the two silver stars and climb to the top of the pyramid.  Drop onto each platform, gaining there silver stars until you fall into the river of quicksand.  Ride it to the star.

Free Flying for eight red coins-

Gain the coins from these locations and get the star:

The rest are in the sky, use the wing cap to collect them.

Dire, Dire Docks


Board Bowser's Sub- Swim through the tunnel, in the water to the second area.  Hit the switch and either jump or float to Bowser's submarine.

Chests in the Current-

Warning- the whirlpool is lethal!  While doing this star, stay clear of the whirlpool or pay the consequences!

For this star, open the chests in the right order.  If your health gets low, grab any nearby coins.

Pole jumping for eight red coins-

This is a hard star so I can give only two tips:

  1. Watch your character's shadow

  2. Use Mario's floating ability to reach missed red coins.

After you collect the coins after a lot of effort, get your well deserved star.

Koopa Surfing Switch star!-

Enter as Wario and break the blocks.   Get the koopa shell and ride it over the switch, ride it to get the star!

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