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Cheats and Glitches

The Best Super Mario 64 DS Cheats, on the Internet!

Floating Mario on Bobomb Battlefield level:  First, start as Mario and get any cap.  Return to the starting area and hit the red block.  Next, get hit by the goomba on the bridge and quickly get the power flower.

Other performable locations for this cheat:

Confused Bullies: In either Snowman's Land or Lethal Lava Land, knock a bully onto another platform.  It will begin walking to the platform it was on, or try.

Trapped Bully:  Knock the giant Ice Bully onto either the frozen pond to the left of the arena, the freezing pond or underneath the cannon.  You can also trap him on hillsides.

Disappearing enemy:  Sometimes, when you throw an enemy into a wall, it goes right through it!  I don't know how.

Disappearing feather: find a Mario cap and hit a red block.  Then lose the cap and the feather will disappear!

Walk on darkness:  Finish the game.  Become Wario and blast to the castle roof.  Turn metal.  Now, dive down the waterfall and into the hole.  You will be walking on darkness!

Walk through wall:  As Luigi, turn invisible and walk through a mesh fence on the dock of Dire, dire Docks.  Wait for it to run out.  Then, try to walk through the fence.  You go right through it!

Giant Yoshi:  Spit out a bomb into a brick.  Then, get the mushroom.  Yoshi will grow giant!

Punching Yoshi: While big, he can punch!

Teleports in Bobomb Battlefield:

Floating crate: Get a star while holding a wooden box.

Exploding crate: Make a star appear while holding a box.

Floating sign: Get a star while holding a sign

Exploding sign: Same as exploding box( replace the word box with sign).

Walk on lava: Turn metal and do as in the title.

Walk on icy water: same as metal

Metal Box related glitches and cheats

Sink into metal: smash the metal box so it lands half in quicksand.

Die in toy box: smash the box leaving it half in instant killing quicksand.

Get stuck in box: do either but with a quarter of it in quicksand.

Slide downwards in box: Smash it so it lands facing horizontal along side the pyramid.

Excellent at Mario 64 DS?  Try to beat the game completion record!

999 coins on Snowman's land course:

Enter the igloo on this level after getting all the coins outside as Yoshi.  Grab those inside then return through the door.  Head back to the goomba pen and the goombas will have regenerated.  Now eat a crate and aim it at the goombas to get tons of coins.  Repeat until 999 coins are yours!( this is unbeatable)!

Extra coin trick:  Do the following and then get more.  You will hear the coin collected sound but no coins will be added to the total.

Walk on lava!

In Lethal Lava land as Wario, turn metal.  Now walk to under the rolling log.  When it wears off you will be standing on lava( non-metal) unharmed and will not take damage until you move!

Extra blue coins:

In bob-omb Battlefield, eat the koopa as Yoshi.  Now turn it into an egg and shoot the five goombas in the large field.  If it richets off correctly, loads of blue coins will appear!

Easy star:

In Bob-omb Battlefield, turn giant.  Now go over to the chain chomp.  You can now smash the post in one hit and as you are big you won't take damage!

Die, while metal in lava:

Just stand still in it for around 10 seconds!

Walk through fence while normal:

Walk through the red fence in the elevator section of Hazy Maze Cave( the cage) while invisible.  Wait until you turn normal then walk at the fence.  You will walk straight through the fence!

Walk on a slope:

Outside the castle, climb to the roof.  Go left from the back wall on the slope near the waterfall.  At one point you can just stand still without falling.

Get stuck in opening:

In the Vanish Cap course, turn inflatable and rise into the entrance.  When you turn normal you can walk kick across the shaft forever!

Stand in Cannon:

Freeze Snowman's Land( see glitch in another section).  Then go to the cannon.  You can walk around inside the cannon.

Regenerating Piranha Plants:

Hit the plants in Tiny-Huge Island just as they come out of or enter the ground.  Go into the pipe.  The plants will return when you renter the area again!

Stand on roof of Princess Peach's slide Star chamber:

As Luigi, go to the first long straight( after the tunnel).  Back flip off the side and float to above the finish on the map.  You will eventually land on the roof!

Non-existent ceiling:

In Tall, tall Mountain slide, go to the flat start section outside the slide entry room and hover over the roof of the entry room.  You will fall through the roof!

Easy Ice slide star:

Hover out of the door to the actual slide and over the edge using Luigi's back flip.  You can hover to the finish!

Go through pictures:

Hover off the edge of the Tall, Tall Mountain slide as Luigi.  Aim at the yellow and pink pictures on the slide 'walls'.  You will go through them!

Die in safe place:

Back flip hover off the Tall, Tall Mountain slide and hover over the finish room.  You will die for no reason eventually!

See outside:

Go to the wall beside the courtyard door.  Now look through in first person.  You will see into the courtyard!

Safely stand on toxic crate:

On Jolly Roger Bay, jump at the crate will the skull on that's an enemy.  You can stand on it!


Hover too high in a level and you will hit a ceiling!

Kill the cheep-cheep:

In Tiny Huge Island, grow giant.  You can kill the man-eating fish!

Logic glitch:

Go up to a tornado while metal.  You will picked up even though strong winds aren't supposed to affect you while you're metal!

Easy Blast to lonely Mushroom star:

Jump to mountain peak and use Luigi's back flip hover to reach the mushroom.

Easy Whirl from Freezing Pond star:

Back flip and hover from lake platform!

Easy Mario's Super Wall kick star:

Hover as Luigi from peak off cool, cool mountain to before the pit, jump it and back flip up the ledges!

Secret 1-up 1:

On the roof of Big Boo's Merry Go round( the shed on the surface).

Secret 1-up 2:

In the Manor Fireplace( Rainbow Ride).

Easy chief Chilly Challenge level completion:

Hover from the start to the end!  How easy is that?


Go through fence in Shifting Sand Land as invisible Luigi!

Avoid danger:

Stand on the second and third level stone ledges in Bowser in the Fire sea.  And walk to the end of them and go up one level etc!

Stand on Flamethrower:

Jump to flamethrower top on levels where they feature.

Easy star in Tricky Triangles:

Hover there as Luigi from the ship in Rainbow Ride.

Easy Swinging in the breeze star:

Same as above cheat.

Easy Over the rainbow cheat:

Float there as inflatable Mario from the ship.

Head in ceiling:

On the first bit of the secret slide, jump.

Cheat the secret slide:

Back flip and hover to the finish!

Walk in Wet dry world Downtown entrance tunnel; 1:

As Luigi, turn invisible while the water is low and back flip and hover through the grate.

Method 2:

As Mario, float to the entrance while the water is low.

Easy Race through Downtown star:

Back flip and hover while invisible and high up to the star!

Easier Goomboss Switch star:

As Luigi, back flip from the star to the switch and finish as normal.

Easy star in Black hole region:

Back flip off black box to the platform.

Hover through a platform:

Do the above and miss, he will go through the platform!

Send bullies to their doom:

Knock bullies onto a grill crate.  They will go through it!

Send bullies to doom 2:

Knock them onto a tilting platform for that effect as well.

Short cut:

In Big Boo Battle, semi-final room, long jump to right hand door!

Dire Dire Docks unreachable star:

Before you get the metal cap, make the through the jet stream star appear.  Without the metal cap it's inaccessible!

Easy Express Elevator star:

Walk through the cage to it while invisible.

Hover back to level start:

In Bowser in the dark world, hover back to start by back flipping and hovering as Luigi.

Back to start of Fire Sea:

Same as dark world equivalent!

Bully error 143:

I have personally had a very strange experience in this game.  I pushed the bully off the platform and it got caught on a vertical wall, perfectly still!  Very rare indeed!

Floating mushroom:

Read a sign while a super mushroom is in the air!

Impossible jump:

While super, in Whomp's fortress, warp to the area near the metal pole.  jump over the fence while holding B and forward to jump up a wall as high as yourself to the fortress rooftop.

Destroy shoving enemies in Whomp's fortress:

Walk into them with a super mushroom and you can destroy them!

Teleport shrinking glitch:

In Tall, Tall Mountain, become giant.   Warp to the cannon via the mushroom teleport.  Mario will warp, warp back again, the screen will shake and he'll shrink!

Destroy eyerok( the two fists) as Yoshi:

Start as Yoshi.  Get to the boss called eyerok via the top of the pyramid.  Smash the brick and get hit by a goomba on the ground floor.  Go back to the cage as Yoshi and enter the tomb.  You can kill eyerok via holding R and press A to slide kick the eyes!  This takes a long time though, but I've done it!  Map below:

Pit( infinite depth)   Pit( infinite depth)
Pillars   Coffin   Pillars
  Two hands( i.e. Eyerok)  
Pit( infinite depth) Entrance Pit( infinite depth)

Stupid phrase:

Eat a boo as Yoshi.  The game will say' You can't eat ghosts!'  But what did you just do?

Stupid Phrase two:

Kill a boo in the first mission of Big Boo's Haunt.  The game will say' ghosts don't DIE!'  What just happened then?

View of courtyard through wall is a piece of flat scenery:

Look through the wall next to the courtyard door.  You see the courtyard.  Now look from a further away point and from another angle.  The courtyard picture is a blurry piece of 2D scenery!


Punch over the wooden pole away from the islands in Whomp's fortress.  Now stand on it.  Slowly walk off the edge.  And one point you will be levitating( floating).

Regenerating signs:

The sign posts in levels regenerate!

Walk under water in Wet-dry World 2:

Be floaty Mario in the town and hit the water raisers.  Go where the water will be above you!  When it rises past you Mario will be floating under water!  drop down to walk around under water!

Stop time in Snowman's Land, the master glitch for many cheats:

First, collect 5 silver stars.  Go into the igloo after this and walk out.  Gain another one and time will stop!  The silver star will hover over your head and many glitches can be performed!

Invisible ceiling 2:

In Wiggler's cave, try to back flip out as Luigi.  You will hit an invisible ceiling!

Alternate exit:

In Wiggler's cave lower region, you can float out the door to return outside!

Teleport trick 101:

If you're giant you can still use the secret level teleports!

I will leave with this, a table based map of Big Boo Battle and Boss arena!

Mirrored Side

Coins                     Coins
      Normal side            

Actual room in level general plan:

Door Door

The door colours are a key in case someone e-mails for directions!

Strange Effect:

Go directly next to a fence outside and jump.  The screen will shudder and Mario will act strangely.

Wario's arm through a door:

Just go into Wario's room.  When he comes out his arm will pass through a door!

Bowling Ball off course:

Just wait by the grey slope in Bob-omb Battlefield.  a bowling ball will roll off course under a bridge.

255 coins on Cool, Cool Mountain:

Just go down the slide and kill all three goombas at the base with eggs, as Yoshi.  Go back down the slide, the goombas will reappear and repeat with different enemies as eggs until necessary amount is reached.

Tons of coins:

Aim an egg down from above at a Pokey enemy as Yoshi.

Random appearing cap:

Fight Bowser as Yoshi.  When he breathes fire a random character's cap will appear.

Infinite coins in Bowser levels:

Just keep avoiding the fire and it will turn into coins.  You can then repeat this forever!

Floating Monkey:

In Tall, Tall Mountain, grab the monkey and do not free him.  Gain a star and the monkey will levitate.

Stand in a cannon, the sequel:

Just grab the one hundredth coin when it's over the cannon to do the victory pose in a cannon!

Wing Cap music while using the owl:

Grab the owl while flying and sometimes the music may continue.

Lose Wing Cap:

Do the above and sometimes Mario will grab on, lose his cap and fall to the ground!

Underwater monkey:

Eat the monkey as Yoshi.  You will then throw it 1 metre.  Repeat til it's in the water!  It will move like normal in the water!

Disappearing monkey:

Do the above but at the slope near the pink bob-omb.  The monkey will suddenly disappear when it touches the slope!

Unaffected by rolling log monkey:

Fire it at the log.  As the log rotates, the monkey will just hover over it in the air!

Move the monkey:

Fire it off the edge and follow it.  You can then move it around the start area!

Moving monkey 2:

Just eat the second monkey at the peak and don't release him.  You can move the creature around the whole level!

Disappearing monkey 2:

Throw the monkey( second one) into the wall to the slide.  He'll vanish!

Unfair death:

In Tick Tock Clock, grab a silver star while above a gap.  You'll die but you couldn't prevent the incident!  You died unfairly!

Dance in Lava:

To celebrate in lava, as Yoshi, go to Lethal Lava Land.  Eat the star gained from the red coins while over the lava.  He'll celebrate, with two feet under the lava!

Health cheat:

Walk into an eye twice in a very short time.  You'll live longer as your health will somehow decrease slower.

Living while dead:

Do the above with half heath.  You'll be alive when you are supposed to be dead!  And can get coins/stars while dead, temporarily!

No effect wind:

Gain a star while above the windy area.  You won't be affected when you hit ground!

Foot in switch:

Gain a star while on the edge of a purple switch to dance with one foot in the switch!

Infinite coins in Rainbow ride:

Eat a spiny a lakitu throws and hit a wall with it.  Repeat for infinite money!

The fact that says this has the best glitches is true, the page has over 150 cheats!

Instant teleport: Grab a star when it is on a teleport spot an jump to get it.  As soon as the celebrating stops, you'll warp across the level instantly!

The boo stalker:  Do you know that if you float as floating Mario off the Big Boo's Haunt Balcony, Big Boo will fly behind you?

Battle on the second balcony: Do the above to the first flat area to battle on a new area!

The roof showdown: Float all the way to the top with the above to fight on the haunted house rooftop!

 Shooting Star: Fight on the roof and the star with shoot across the roof at about 50 miles per hour!

Just strange: Make the 100 coin star appear near the King Bob-omb.  If he throws you into a star, his arm will be stuck in the throwing position!

No legs: Do the above and when you celebrate, the character will have no legs!

Dance in cannon two: Eat the star as Yoshi when above the cannon to dance in it on any level!

Dance in cannon three: Do the above with a silver star.

Disappearing star: Gain the star while in the cave in the first level.  The star will be floating in the wall!

Instant stars: Grab the 100 coin star when it's above another star.  As soon as one celebration ends, another will start!

Frozen 1-up: Gain a star with a following 1-up after you.  It'll be frozen in the air.

Cheat the 1-up: Gain a star with it following and you'll never get it!

Cheat death: Die against Bowser.  When you come out, hit pause.  Sometimes you can escape without losing a life!

Safe coin: Eat the second red coin in Bowser in the Dark World.  You won't have to worry about getting burned!

Safe lava: The lava from the Lethal Lava Land volcano can't affect you!

Stand in wall: Just walk slowly toward the door when in Wiggler's cave to stand in a white wall.

If you find these on another website in this format contact me immediately!

Are the cheats for Mario 64 DS infinite?

Like the endless stairs?

Yet more cheats have been found, these include:

Hopping Luigi: Get trapped inside one of those wooden platforms in Wet-Dry World as Luigi.  Move around and occasionally Luigi will bounce in the air slightly.

Small Shaken Screen: Go between a metal box and a wall in Wet-Dry World.  Look a certain way.  The screen will shake.

Medium Earth Quake: If the gap was smaller than above, the screen will shake for longer.

Large earth tremor: Do the above but with the gap very small.  The screen will go crazy.

Do the above cheat as Wario and your arms will be inside the box one side and the wall the other.

If you land on one of those snowdrifts when the level of Snowman's Land is frozen, you can get trapped between the snow ridge and the wall.

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More tricks

The Island shortcut

To easily reach the far away island on Tiny-Huge Island as Luigi, back flip from the mountain top. This is a safer way to get the star when you've just knocked it out Kleptos talons.


To become invincible, go to Wet-Dry World as Yoshi. Now, follow these steps using the below map.

1. Raise the water to the highest level

2. Become metal

3. Sink and lower it fully.

4. Before it drains, go under the wooden platform that goes up and down with the water level.

5. Wait

6. When it lands, you'll be inside the platform! You're invulnerable, can kill the spiders quite easily and can duck out of site!

Bounce with a star

Grab the 100 coin star when it floats over a goomba's head.

Spin hover with a star:

Grab a star while above one of those flower headed snowmen enemies.

Walk under water while Tall, Tall Mountain is flooded:

Get thrown by the Chuckya enemy. When you land, you'll be walking under water! You must flood the mountain first for this to work.

Shrink teleport:

Get a mushroom and stand over a teleport point in Tall, Tall Mountain. Occasionally you'll teleport as you're shrinking!

Cool Things to do once the game is finished:


Replay the stars and win as fast as possible.

Collect coins and try to beat your record.

Try to get max coins on as many levels as possible!

Hunt for glitches and flaws in the game.

Try the impossible.

Try to beat as many secret stars as possible in 5, 10 or 20 minutes!

Race a friend to beat a level( 2 game copies needed and single player on those games. Start playing at the same time.)

Try to scale Tick Tock clock, Tall, Tall Mountain and Cool, Cool Mountain as Wario!

Try to beat an official world record.

New Dark Room of Death

Okay, I did the glitch where you fall through the floor and die in the room leading to Tick Tock Clock. But when I fell (playing as Wario), I landed on an invisible floor. I was in this room, away from the area, and could see the room I escaped far in the background. I have a video I am uploading rather shortly of this glitch, which shows Wario in this new dark room of death. I have no idea how or why it happened, and the map says I was far away from the original room.

Wall jump with other characters.

If you wall jump as the effects of the Mario cap are fading, you can do the technique with Yoshi, Luigi or even wario!

Stand on thin air

Activate the goomba glitch and stand on the now invisible tilting bridge.

Crawl under sand

Go to the sand in the middle, and start sinking as normal. Sink until the sand reaches the bottom of your characters face, then duck. You are then invisible until you sink under and die. If you jump very occasionally, you can crawl underneath the sand unharmed!

Dark screen of death 2: Just do the Goomba trick, and exit the level. Now enter a Bowser level and the music cuts out and the screen is frozen a dark colour. Turn off to escape

White screen of death 2: Just do the Goomba trick, and exit the level. Now enter Chief Chilly Challenge and the music cuts out and the screen is frozen a white colour. Turn off to escape

Strange glitch: Drop a crate in the dark quicksand. Now try to step on it. You fly off and die!

Floating crate: Drop a crate in the dark quicksand. Now try to step on it. As you step on it and fly off, it may float back up!

No damage meter: Do the goomba trick. You have no health bar. Be warned, you are not invicible.

Die on entry: Get hit by a boo at two health so you fall into battle fort. You die as soon as you land in the stage.

Box through wall: Go to a corner with a crate and press R. It should fall right through the wall!

Box on box: Put a crate on the red block where you get a flower. You can stand on it, but soon after you get off, the crate falls right through the red block!

Mad mushroom- Go behind a gate with a stalker mushroom after you. The mushroom will move around frantically as it can't reach you!

Mad mushroom 2- Get mushroom on roof to appear. Go in mansion, and when you come out the balcony door, it will float up to the balcony right at you!

Infinite hats: In snowman's Land, get your hadn blown off. Now throw the box at the snowman with the hat. Get it. Get the hat blown off. There will now be two hats. repeat a lot and the game will eventually freeze.

Invisible shell: Do the hat glitch so the game slows down. Now get on a shell and right it to the snowman. When you get near, the shell should turn invisible and you will be floating on nothing!

The big freeze- Do the goomba trick in Bob-omb Battlefield. Go near the mountain. The game just freezes when you approach!

Die into the volcano- Get to one health. Now ride the shell to the volcano. Make sure you are at the lip when it erupts, and you will get hit and fall in. You will die when you land.

Odd dark freeze 3- Do the goomba trick, exit and complete the glitch where you fall through the floor in the Jolly Roger bay entrance room. The screen will go black and the game will freeze.