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Articles Sector

Welcome to my Article list.  If you want to hear me say my opinion about some topic click a part of the list below!  By the way, none of these articles are general news stories you know!

Just click on whatever title interests you!

And remember, this is a proper game 'fan site' not just a cheat site.  The ultimate around!

Flowers, fate, Deletion

Malfunction Error

Battle Mode in Super Mario 64 DS

The Worst fan sites

Mario 64 DS review

Warioware review

Cheat devices, friend or foe

Rebuttal to cheat devices, friend or foe

The prophecy

Website promotion

Mario 64 DS glitch overview

More glitches

Dark Secrets

Article 221

The uselessness of User submitted cheats

Enemy intelligence in Super Mario 64 DS

All you need to know about Pictochat

Rumour killing tips

Checkpoints in Mario Kart DS

Beta and Glitch worlds in videogames

Should Prolonged Rocket Boosting be allowed?

Mario Kart DS review

Importance of Triple Items, an essay

Walk through wall in Legend of Zelda, the Wind Waker! New Discovery!

Teenagers are Innocent

People are becoming too addicted to videogames

The Mad Piano in Mario 64 DS!

Snaking does not exist!

Exploring Hyrule in the Legend of Zelda, the Wind Waker!

Spelling does matter!

Shortcut 3 in Rainbow Road is legal!