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Website promotion,

The unbelievable methods used for website promotion by this site!

Website promotion is king.  How else can some totally useless Nintendo related websites actually get popularity?  Or decent websites get no popularity whatsoever?  Like two days ago, I saw the pretty useless website for a friend's company.  They said a professional designer had built this site but website promotion wasn't the designers strong point, trying to even find it was a chore.  The search terms in Google were totally obscure and it wasn't even listed in MSN, Ask Jeeves or Lycos search engines.  How the heck could anyone find the site was beyond me, if I couldn't find it by typing in the URL into a search engine, could an enterprising customer?

So, to avoid having a site that is virtually impossible to find, like some on many free web hosts or with obscure domain names, follow these tips.  First, finding the site in a search engine is king.  How else can the top sites be accessed by millions for free? Supposedly, Yahoo really helps double site traffic overnight, as does Google, so these search engines should be your top priority.  Obviously I still need my site and my new address to be found as easily as my old one at least, as ironically, when I type in a key phrase, my older site comes up about fourth and my newest site, the one you're on, doesn't appear on the first page.

Secondly, external links are extremely helpful to site popularity.  Well, so are links from forums!  It seems that some cheaply made forums use cookies and search engine crawlers can't detect cookies, or use them.  So they end up reloading the page 20+ times and thinking something like 22 different sites link to yours!  This can boost popularity, but I don't recommend it.  I hope the search engines don't call this tricking their systems as it's not the site's fault that the crawlers can't handle session IDs or cookies.  Maybe it explains why proper fan sites don't like forum sites...

P.S. did you know that search engine crawlers can't index scripts?  Think of the uses...  Try this dynamically written title on the next page, then view it through a text browser..

Demo link

See how the title changed?

Tip 2: Don't link to bad sites and vice versa..

Your ranking could be badly affected to links to dodgy sites.  See the article on rubbish fan sites to see what sites to steer clear of..

Final tip: Advertise your site in one of the forums!  It may boost your site's popularity!  Use the Anti-forum, otherwise you'll get flagged for submitting SPAM.

Odd fact: Did you know I let a balloon fly away with a sign saying go DS Ultimate and my shortened website address?  If you ever find this piece of paper..