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Rumours and False Cheats

How to tell a false cheat, code or glitch:

You have seen them.  It is a fact there are millions of them on the internet.  No, this article is not talking about plagiarism filled sites or websites with illegal content.  Now at criminal activity online.  Or even FAQs.  But false cheats.  Rumours that have been shot down hundreds of times reappearing again and cause havoc to unsuspecting players.  well this article will tell you how to spot a lie online and some cheats to never try.

How to tell a lie on the internet:

Whether on a seemingly reputable website, in a discussion forum or just on a personal blog, here are at least six sure fire ways to spot a false cheat, one that is a bunch of lies.

  1. It is about a dubious topic.  Dubious in this case means a topic that has caused many fake cheats.  There are varants in all videogaming communities but the most well known are:

The triforce in the Legend of Zelda, the Ocarina of Time.  This has been around for eons.  Near enough everything written about this topic is a lie.

Luigi in Super Mario 64.  Not unless you're thinking of the Nintendo DS version.

Extra characters in Smash Bros/Super Smash Bros Melee.  A too common rumour on some cheat sites.  Fake characters include everything from the sensible( metal Mario etc) to the ridiculous (Bowser, Ho-oh, Super Man).  Don't believe it.

P.S. Sonic, Wario/Waluigi, Toad or Rayman are not in Super Smash Bros Melee

Events involving Dark Link in Ocarina of Time

Those involving the Secret Sky Temple or Light Temple in Ocarina of Time.

Mew in Pokemon.  Not this again.

2. The cheat has no real proof.  Real would ideally mean a video of the cheat being performed on a real console.

3.  It is a long series of instructions.  Real cheats aren't a long, illogical series of randomly seeming instructions involving huge areas of a videogame.

4. It says to enter your name as something specific when you begin the game.  This normally has no effect in any game( I know of).

5. It's on a small, fan made website.  Or one with user submitted cheats.

6. The day it is published is April Fool's Day!

How to spot a dangerous Glitch

Ways to spot a dangerous glitch in a game are just as easy as spotting fake cheats.  A dangerous cheat or glitch means one that can:

To spot a dangerous cheat, code, glitch etc, look for these things:

Enter a glitch level

Pull out part of the cartridge or disk while the game is on.

Turn off the game while saving or transferring data

The word 'Missingno' appears in the glitch or cheat.

There is one final note, be careful.  Read the articles here and you'll find that this kind of thing has caused problems before( Malfunction error 556, etc)

Checklist when deciding whether to write down or try to complete a cheat, code or glitch:

Does it work?

Dubious topic

No proof
Instructions are long and complex
Says to enter your name as..
On a small website hosted by free or one with user submitted unchecked cheats
April Fools day

If you ticked anything above, ignore the cheat or glitch..