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Gallery Part Two

The Level Maps are all here!

After seeing the first set, you probably want more fan art, right?  Well, it's your lucky day as here is another page of fan art, just for you artistic viewers!  Enjoy the paintings, as the next gallery section will have photos instead!


A map of Tick, Tock Clock that the game gives you when you start the level!

A full level map of Jolly Roger Bay.  It's also labelled with the koopa shell in the bricks at the beginning!

A map of the mini-level, over the rainbows!

A full, not so detailed map of Whomp's Fortress!

There will soon be a photo gallery, with in-game screen shots of all the games covered on this website, plus the Nintendo DS console and game cases!  See the new exhibition, November 11th on this website!

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