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Wario Land 4 Quiz

Do you know about this Wario Land game like you think?

Can you beat this quiz, and enter the Golden Pyramid?

What level is an ice level?

40 below fridge

  Entry passage

  Golden Pyramid

  Mystic lake

Fiery cavern

Which level has an AR unlocked secret room?

Crescent Moon Village

  Arabian Nights

  Palm Tree Paradise

  Mystic lake

Fiery cavern

Where can you find a grim reaper robot?

Toy Block Tower

  Entry passage

  The Big Board

  Domino Row

The Curious factory

How many endings are there with bonus pictures?

2 endings

  1 ending

  3 endings

  0 endings

900 endings

By the way, my favourite level is Crescent Moon Village because of the enemies and music!  It's got quite cool background music!

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