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The Trading Post

Trade in EX points for Community points, and much more besides!

Welcome to the trading post page, where quiz winners can trade their hard earned points for website related prizes, certificates, and virtual in forum 'get out of jail free cards'  You can also get your Nintendo DS game related website rated, and see the forum rankings in the system, from normal viewer to master Administrator!



Basic Quiz prizes

  10 Community points

  100 Community points

  One Certificate

  Secret password

Advanced Quiz prizes

One link to your website

  Moderator position

  One rule free day in the forums!

  Administrator position( guaranteed)

  One rule free week in the forums!


If you get max EX points, you get to have the answers to all the questions!  Just find the link on this page, somewhere...



Vote for your best Nintendo DS game, or the feature you want on the site!


Try out the awesome quizzes!

This is just the 'Get forum related prize area'.  If you want to talk to other people in a meeting place, hit the forums!