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Cheats, Tips and Shortcuts

Welcome to the inevitable cheats page which every site sector has.  This could be a long list as the last cheat page (for Super Mario 64 DS) had over 200 cheats and glitches on it!  This does include corner cutting.

Unlockables (boring cheats)

Do this For this
Beat first two cups in any difficulty Unlock Star cup on that difficulty
Beat star cup on a difficulty Unlock Special cup on that difficulty.
Beat 50cc Nitro Get Dry Bones
Beat 50cc Retro Get Daisy
Beat 100 cc Get Waluigi
See above Three karts
Beat 150 cc R.O.B
Beat 150cc Mirror Mode
Beat mirror New ending screen
Beat mirror New title screen
Beat mission 1-6 with a star rank Mission seven

Tricks (OK cheats)

Dodge a blue shell (1)- Hit an item or obstacle as it is about to hit.

Dodge it another way- Use a star, boo or bullet bill

Dodge blue shell (3)- Go into an automatic transition point like the airship fortress cannon.

Avoid blue shell for one lap- Fall into water before it hits.  If it sees you again though, it will attack!

Dodge red shell- Hit banana as it is about to hit.

Dodge red shell (2)- worked once only in past.  Go far enough off the track, like in the Luigi's Mansion graveyard. When I tried, it waited at the gate then attacked as I drove onto the track again after a short while!

Annihilate rival for a few seconds (about 20 seconds)- To get rid of those really annoying better computer players in Grand Prix, just lay a trap at the end of a jump.  If they hit it and fall, they could go down to eighth for a long time, ridding you of an annoying computer controlled pest for part of the race!

Auto-shortcut- To automatically ace a tough shortcut, use a bullet bill while on the ramp to the shortcut or in it.  You will then automatically complete the shortcut.

Quick turn- Hold A+B and move the control pad to rotate while still.

Large jump- Hold R when in the air after a large jump.

Massive jump- Hit the R button when in the air after going off a jump as well as use a mushroom at the jump.

Odd trick- If you use a bullet bill when in front of the pendulum in Tick-Tock Clock, you go straight through it!  Same with the red clock hand and either a bullet bill or star.

Shortcuts (intended)

Delfino Square- Jump the gap to the pier.

Delfino square- After the bridge, there is an alley you can go down to save time and pass rivals.

Desert Hills- Boost to the left of the pyramid.

DK Pass- Go up the mound of snow near the part where you go down the mountain.  You will also receive a rare item, a star or triple mushrooms!

Tick Tock Clock- Ride the cog at the last straight for extra speed.

Mario Circuit- Cut across the sand near the venus fire traps (fire breathing piranha plants).

Wario stadium- Boost through the muddy part with the flames

Peach Gardens- Take the right narrow route around the flowerbed in the second flower part of Peach Gardens.

Bowser Castle- Go all the way around the spinning room.

Mario Circuit 1- Cut across the last patch of sand.

Donut Plains- After the bridge, shroom through the gap in the barrier.

Mushroom Bridge- Boost across the hill after the first tunnel.

Choco Island 2- Mushroom boost through the gap in the wall.

Banshee Boardwalk- Go left in the Haunted House and hop the gap.

Sky Garden (1)- jump the first ramp with a mushroom.

Sky Garden (2)- Jump the second ramp or third one.

Sky Garden (3) Jump across the clouds near the last vine bridge.

Yoshi Circuit- Boost through the first gap in the wall you come to.

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