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The Definitive list in Mario Kart DS

Because other websites have wrong and misleading information for cheats, my pages are different.  This page is also no exception.  Note that it will probably not have over 250 glitches on it like the Super Mario 64 DS one, or have elaborate stories like the articles (Malfunction error etc).

Rainbow Road, the 3 known shortcuts

Shortcut 1- It is rumoured that you can boost and jump from the first spiral area to the downhill stretch of road just afterwards.  I have not managed this.

Shortcut 2- The pipe trick is where you jump off near a red pipe and get put back about 2 turns or so along the track.  I've only done this once.

Shortcut 3- You can jump to cut a bend just after the drop.  A photo is below.

Bowser Castle, three glitches in the level

Finish line glitch- To cut some time off, jump through the gap in the last one to cross the finish line in the air before you land in the lava.  A picture:

Over a wall- In the second area, with the steps, boost up them.  At the top of a set of steps, press R to jump.  If done correctly, you will fly over the wall, landing in the lava.  This is a newly discovered major glitch.  For shortcuts, the possibilities are endless in the future!

Fly in the air- Go backwards to the spinning room after crossing it, and on entry, you will shoot in the air quite a bit.

Bowser Castle 2, the two glitches exposed

Over the wall- Boost and jump at the first jump pads.  You will fly over the low boundary wall.

Land on the wall- jump onto the boundary wall in the area with the jump pads from one bit of track to the next.  You will be invincible to red and green shells, star using players and bullet bills.  Sadly, not bloopers, lightning, blue shells or boos.

Delfino Square

Hop the bridge wall- If you boost and jump off the ramped areas to the left of the first bridge, you can fly over the left wall or even land on it!

Avoid red shells in Luigi's Mansion- Go into the deepest part of the graveyard when someone uses a red shell.  it will just continue down the path and miss!

Fake bullet bills- In Airship fortress, go to the end of the first part and wait.  Turn around and boost at a bullet bill from the back.  You go partially into it before hitting the front and somersaulting!

Frappe Snowland trick- Boost and jump at the second bend and you can skip the large bend.  This can also be done with a mini-turbo!

Sky Garden shortcut- At the large bend with the two ramps, you can see another part of the track.  Mushroom boost and jump to soar through the air and land on the other side.  You can also do this with a Mini-turbo if you are really, really good!

Sky Garden shortcut 2- You can supposedly jump from the part after shortcut 1 to the next vine bridge with a mushroom or mini-turbo.

Shortcut 3- later in the level, there is a final vine bridge.  Jump from the bridge with a mushroom to the left in a certain way and you can go round the barrier and cut the corner.

The best glitch in the game!  The final Rainbow Road glitch!  Could this lead to the best Rainbow Road players in the world getting thrashed!

I have gone from the corkscrew back to the loop!  For this, go to the corkscrew.  Either at the very end or beginning, you can float off and land on the loop without being put back on the corkscrew!  If this was reversed, you could skip half a lap in Rainbow Road!  Below 2:00:00 times would be possible!  And best of all, you could keep the world record forever!  I have been very close to this outcome!

Uses for the current glitch- Annoy disconnectors by going back half a lap to be annoying!

New Tick Toc Clock Glitch (this may be a shortcut in 50cc)

At the bed before the final straight, jump off the edge with a mushroom.  Aim at the side of the nearby cogs.  If done correctly, as you are out of bounds and falling, you will appear to go through the cogs!  But better, you will be put back after the spinning cogs, cutting a decent corner!  These are the cogs on the last part of the lap by the way, the ones you ride for a speed boost.

Other information:

Levels likely to have shortcuts in future table:

Have shortcuts Very high possibility Maybe-maybe chance No chance
Rainbow Road (x4)

Sky Garden (x3)

Bowser Castle (x1)

Tick Tock Clock (x1)

Delfino Square

DK Pass

Wario Stadium

Frappe Snowland

Waluigi Pinball

Desert Hills

Shroom Ridge

Bowser Castle 2

Banshee Boardwalk

Airship Fortress

Mario Circuit

Every other track in the game plus most battle mode tracks.

The levels that have more than one shortcut are Rainbow Road and Sky Garden.  Levels possibly having more in future are Bowser Castle (1-2), Tick Tock Clock and DK Pass.