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Information about Characters

Welcome to my character information page with information about the main characters in Super Mario 64 DS, the best Nintendo DS game made at the moment!


Mario is the main character in the game( that's why it's named after him) and has starred in over 20 different games since the Nintendo Entertainment System was published by Nintendo.  He is average in every statistic:

Jump- 2 stars

Speed- 2 stars

Power- 2 stars



Luigi is Mario's younger brother whose surname is, strange enough Mario!  He was originally created by Nintendo as a second player but has starred in many games since!  He is fast, jumps high but is weak:

Jump- 3 stars

Speed -3 stars

Power- 1 star



( Ratings are from instruction manual).



Yoshi is the starting character and has generally average stats but very different moves!  Instead of punching he swallows enemies and can flutter jump over gaps!  His stats are as follows:

Jump- 2 stars

Speed- 2 stars

Power- 0 stars


Star of the other game covered on this website, Wario is a party crasher to the story, like Luigi.  He has incredible power but limited any other statistic.  But he's my second favourite character to use!

Jump- 1 star

Speed- 1 star

Power- 3 stars


That's it but if you want to know why Wario is my second favourite character, click here and then search for: Metal Box.  Give up, you need him to carry out the glitches I was studying!

That is all about Mario 64 DS on this website!