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Quality Underdose,

The lack of website quality now

The lack of quality is bewildering.  After touring the internet for a quality Nintendo themed, Nintendo fan site you find a glaring link to a site that sounds promising like, say, or the like.  One click later and you're greeted by flashing advertisements, pop-ups everywhere, background music, bright acid green background and worse, your computer is infested with spyware, adware and a million other viruses.  itr couldn't be any worse than this, honestly.

And that's what happens more or less on many fan sites.  Most larger site webmasters don't know this because they only go around looking for good sites in search engines, with domain names and probably on paid hosting.  But it happens, trust me on this.  How do I know all this?  Because I'm one of those people who quite often search the directories of larger free hosting companies for good fan sites on different games to trade links with.

And the virus part happens too.  After an extensive scan, the anti-virus program found 99 at risk files on the PC!  Yes, 99 at risk files!  Probably from surfing these types of sites!

What about the coding errors and fatal design flaws?  There were plenty.  Bad layouts.  Free hosting made layouts.  Terrible backgrounds, once even a tiled picture of a videogame character all over the background!  Background music on nearly every site.  Sites with just 99 flashing ads and gimmicks everywhere!  Even broken links, blank pages, broken scripting, doorway pages with hand drawn pictures and all.  Even one web page which tried to make a guestbook, but stupidly uploaded the CGI script with FTP and on the page was text with about 90 server errors and random text boxes!

And it goes on.  Manual update polls, animated pictures of videogame characters everywhere, a dozen pictures flying around the cursor!

Worse, though, was just plain rudeness.  Like, blank pages, writing saying under construction, a piece of text saying " I can't be bothered"!  Finally, the worst sentences of all said that sites linking to theirs must have a domain name!  And these sites were hosted on free hosting with no domain name, a long address and empty pages!

But the funniest was the page with three photos and a hit counter.  The counter said six hits!  I visited the page.  Work it out!

( But for those who can't be bothered; 6 divided by three equals two.  I visited once so take one away.  Get the picture?)

For the final piece of the puzzle, some sites were illegal!  Copyrighted pictures all over the pages, and worse!  I won't say because it's against hosting rules to reference illegal content!  Or link to it!

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