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Retro Level Highlights

The Best Platform game levels!

Welcome to the first retro highlight with concentrates on one retro game's best part, like the best levels, toughest bosses, the enemies and even perhaps the multi-player modes.  This first 'article' is about the levels in Wario Land 4, and also compares the best levels in this game, to those in the original and the much newer Super Mario 64 DS.

Wario Land 4, the best levels

Crescent Moon Village

Probably the best theme music ever, this level has many things which would make it my favourite level.  These include:

Small Background novelties like red post boxes, a clock tower and, yes, a crescent shaped moon.

A floating ghost that steals money, and even the essential, the important Key!

Many secrets, like a hidden area behind this house accessed by rolling really fast into the steps and another behind a tear in the wall.

And of course, the music I wish I could hear in level.  It's kind of catchy really.

Boss Fight; Cuckoo Condor

Possibly the strangest non-Warioware boss on earth, this has to be the only killer cuckoo clock in a videogame that shoots electricity and turns into an egg dropping condor!  Just a great boss fight for the fact it's a weird boss, and it's so funny, it is, the expression of the condor's face when you smash it's health to zero!

Wario Land 1, the best levels

Syrup Castle, level 3

Neat in many ways, like the fact it has it all, bottomless pits, lava, lasers and a cool mini-boss.  The mini-boss is a knight with a sword who charges Wario and the end battle has a neat cheat where you can move around the cut scene before the boss fight!

Stove Canyon 1

Preferable because of the immense difficulty, this level has too much frustration to begin with.  When you start, the screen scrolls right, but there's a dark fog going behind you until nearly the end!  It's made of lava with spikes on and chases you as you smash bricks in frantic panic and enemies try to kill you.  Then there's an area with lava and podoboos.


Super Mario 64 DS, the best of the best in levels!

Bob-omb Battlefield

Great because of the freedom it gives the player.  There is no real set path, so you can explore at will, grabbing nearly any star at any time!  There's a chain chomp, a koopa with ride able shell, and secret teleports.  You can use the wing cap to fly around this vast set of fields and there's bowling balls rolling down a hillside.  Classic gaming fun.

Tick Tock Clock

A clock which is much bigger on the inside that the outside.  Totally weird, this level has moving parts everywhere, with pieces spinning, flipping, moving up and down and in and out of the wall.  There's two hands going round inside, with electrifying amp enemies flying around them.  Clockwork robots moving around some ledges, and for some reason, a Thwomp.  Totally odd.  But why is the clock just 8 foot on the outside but hundreds of feet high on the inside?  Weird huh?

So the winner is:

Most dangerous level: Stove Canyon 1

Most freedom in a level: Bob-omb Battlefield.

Weirdest: Tick Tock Clock

Best music: Crescent Moon Village.

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