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Super Mario 64 DS

Welcome to our expansive Super Mario 64 DS section of this website!  Here all your questions are answered, riddles solved, puzzles explained and information right where and when you need it!  There is an expansive enemy list, plenty of never before seen cheats and glitches, area descriptions/maps, and a complete walkthrough!  Plus much, much more!

Warning:  the walkthrough contains a full, complete everything before the final Bowser battle, speed walkthrough.  This means this guides solutions may be too hard for beginners or intermediate players.  For example, to get the Red hot log rolling star in Lethal Lava Land I recommend Luigi's turn invisible and bounce on lava right through wall trick which requires God like jumping and speed and saint like accuracy.  You have been warned!


Character moves

Enemy List

Course information

Locked area


Cheats and Glitches

Note: There are 150 stars in Mario 64 DS.

The image program

The characters

Backgrounds in Mario 64 DS

High scores

Mini-game strategies

Music Guide

Vertical Wall climbing FAQ

Rabbit Guide

Paintings in Mario 64 DS

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