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Guest Map

Sign a comment, mark your current locale!

  Welcome to the Guest map page!  Here you can mark your location on a world map as well as leaving normal comments like a guestbook!   Also, leave your website address here and it will be linked to if it is to do with videogames of any kind.  If the buttons below don't work, click on the second set of buttons for a non-JavaScript way of reaching the guest map!  Most of all, enjoy yourself!


Free Guestmap from Free Guestmap from

Important Notice: We do not pay any attention to your location on this map, or give it away.  There is nothing to stop you lying if you don't want to give away private information.  Do not use this guest map for spam or harvest any details on it or your IP address will be recorded and you'll be banned for life.


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The above buttons are for those who can't use the top ones for some reason, maybe because of scripting errors.

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