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Being the best at Ashley's Microgames!

'These games are a Total Drag'.  Well that's what the game says and some of them  truly are, literally.

Sorting Stuff:

Sort the objects into groups.  Note this always comes up after Global warning!

Farm Fresh:

Put the animals in the pen!

Basket Case:

Catch the object. Watch the object carefully then be under its landing point!

Greedy Hands:

Fill the wallet with cash!

I'm 1:

Catch the rings.  Does anything happen if you catch them all?

Global Warning:

Heres a set of maps:

See bottom of page.


This game is so hard it's unfair and don't be disheartened by phrases like awful!

Rock Fever:

Find the matching virus by moving the slide.

On strike:

Light a match by dragging it along the side of the box!

Drop in a bucket:

Move the bucket to catch the drips of water!

Sugar Rush:

Move the tongue to eat sweets!

Pipe Dream:

Move the object through the pipe to transform it!


Guide the penguin across the lake by making a bridge!

Sneeze, Please:

Make the nose sneeze by dragging the string up it's nostril!


Move the large guy over the see-saw to catapult the acrobat.

Catch of the day:

Move the net to catch fish!  It's a Total Drag!

Cheap Thrill:

put the right clothes in the trolley.

Fill 'er up:

Drag the level to make sweets fill a jar!

Don't Blow it:

Drag the match to light the candles!  I got 201  Beat that!

Chance of Shower's:

Aim the statues fountain( laughs) to put out the fires!

Oh, the irony:

Move the iron and iron the clothing!

Very attractive:

Move the paper clip to the finish line while avoiding the magnets!



                aaa     ^      aaa

d         d        ^      d            d

                d        ^    d

d         d                d     ^     d


             f              f     ^

                     >           ^





              aaa         ^            aaa


      d         d                d         ^           d

     d           d                d       ^             d

    d            d             d           ^          d

                         f          ^       f

                              f f  ^

                       f          ^       f

UFO- boss

ast- astronaut

aaa- asteroid

d- comet

f- water melon


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