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Beating the laws of Videogame science and winning on Dr Crygor's Microgames!

Welcome to the page where I show you how to beat the Slightly Unscrewed Series of games in one day or so!

Slightly Dizzy:

Spin the creatures eyes to make it fall over!

All you can hurl:

Smash the hammer straight!  Spin really fast then slower to aim.  That's my tip!

Gym Locker:

Follow the combination.  I hate this game so my tip is on level 3, spin the dial like a freaky idiot/headless chicken!


Spin the donut so the creature eats it all up!  Beware if the level 3, time's not on your side!

Build a snowman:

Roll the snowball until it becomes a snowman.  Say no more!

Black hole:

Spin the black hole to eat the items.  Like planet Earth! Gulp.

Free Range:

Free the animal by rotating the cup and releasing it!

Big As a Whale:

Spin the reel once a fish bites it to catch the fish( or a submarine)!

Watered Down:

Turn the tap to fill the cup but don't let it overflow!

Engine Trouble:

Spin the propeller to fly the plane.  Remember to spin it fast then suddenly let go!

Catch a tune:

Play the song on the radio by rotating the dial.  The song that plays by the way is Mike's theme!


straighten out the picture by straightening it!  Fun for 2 seconds then dull!

Stroke of Genius:

Spin the swimmers arms to make him swim and beat the other contestants!  I have no tips other than spin fast!

Maze Ball:

Rotate the maze to rescue the ball from it and watch as loads of hands clap!

Track and Field:

Spin the track to give the girls the cart of apples!

Straight to video:

Spin the dial and watch the funny picture!  Like a man wetting himself, people kissing and.... cards?

Old Times:

Match the clock by spinning the hands to make the time match!

Flower To tower:

pin the wheel to raise the man to the woman! Avoid archers and birds though otherwise.... OUCH!

Spin A yarn:

Spin the wool really fast to uncover the hidden character!  They are:

A samurai

Santa Claus



Spin the telescope to find the moon and alien bunny!  Tip is to look carefully so you don't confuse the moon with a banana!

Living room Rally:

Avoid the monster!  Instead of giving you a guide I will give you a map with directions.  Use that type of line when you play!

Below the table is the map:









^ up



1st- 81
2nd- 69
3rd- 49


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