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Visual Map guides:

All three Character rescue courses mapped!

Welcome to my second visual guides page, this time with maps to the three character rescuing levels, Goomboss Battle, Big Boo Battle and Chief Chilly Challenge!  With these detailed maps you should be able to conquer these levels in no time and even find shortcuts in them!

Big Boo Battle

Red circle: red coin

Eyeball: Mr I enemy

Red box: red block

star: where red coins appear

green box: moving platform

Ghost with crown: King Boo

Chief Chilly Challenge map:

( Small circle to far right is arena map)

Black circle: Bully

Yellow circle: Wario cap

Green circle: Luigi cap

Black circle at end: hole

White circle: snowman( Mr Blizzard enemy)

Red box: red block

Like the maps?  They should help if you're stuck on these two levels!


Hazy Maze Cave Map, ground floor only

M means Mario cap

L means Luigi cap