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User Submitted Cheats;
 The way forward, or the way back?

Or why user submitted cheats make a website totally dull and unreliable.

You click on a optimistic hyperlink on a search engine like Google's results page.  It says how great the following site is going to be and then you appear and one of those 999 mirror sites with the usual categories; Cheats, user submitted cheats, Hints, Questions and answers and forums.  With an option to become a member with like, one other person on the forums.  And ninety percent of times it's virtually deserted.  Go on another site, like say, Super, Mega, Ultra cheats and the process is repeated.  Find one of this annoying and useless kind of site and the links will probably take you to 20 others, with links to 20 more, until your history is full and you've seen so much inaccurate information you lose your mind.

Well, to be blunt I'm sick of most of these sites.  The constant copying of design, features and cheats.  The rumour spreading of the loyal but lying fans.  And for what?  A cheat that when tested turns out to be something like:

Example 1:

To unlock Dark Link in Super Smash Bros Melee, play the single player mode with Link 3000 times, turn off the game, pull out the disc with the power on, spin the game, put it back in with the power on and beat 100 Man Melee in 10 second without being hit once.

Note:  The above cheat is an example fake cheat.  It doesn't work and don't waste time trying it!

So for a site that actually looks professional and is trustworthy, don't add user submitted cheats.  Also, remember that forums are not a key part of a site, nor is a guestbook or chat room.  It's the content that matters.

Three tips for a successful site:

Content is more important than the number of gimmicks.

More emphasis on the site than forum.

Check all cheats before posting them!

Click here for a reminder!