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Mini-game tips and Strategies!

Beat all of the Mario 64 DS Mini-games

Stuck on a particular Mini-game in Mario 64 DS?  Can't beat Sort or Splode?  Defeated by Snowball Slalom?  Well you're in the right place as this page set will tell you all the essential tips and strategies to never lose again!


The first couple of rounds are way easy but when the heads start moving, keep your eyes peeled as it's very easy to lose then!

Boo Hide and Seek

My only tip is to memorise movement patterns and numbers of ghosts then rub the screen like mad to reveal them all before the time limit expires.

Puzzle Panel 1 and 2

No strategy in words would help so here's a picture set and a rule sheet!

When a piece is touched, it and all others touching it will flip over.

Like this:

The Yellow is the selected tile, red is the tiles that will rotate and the grey tiles won't flip over.

So in an example square puzzle, tap the middle tile in the empty section to flip over all around it and win( this is only a basic puzzle solution for one of the basic puzzles).

Turns increase at each four puzzles.

Boom Box

Match the sounds.  My only tip here is to use process of elimination to work out the answer( the sounds are from in-game).

Toy Box Shuffle

Watch carefully is my tip.  After a certain time a blue Yoshi will appear and you'll have to find him instead of the green one sometimes!

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