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Spelling and Grammar online

Why no one wants page of text speak.

This situation has gotten ridiculous.  Now, whenever you go on a forum, there is some immature kid who speaks like they would while texting a friend on a mobile phone.  I'm sorry, but this is the last straw.  I am sick to death of reading 'Oh my God Plz look here u reader!'.  This aggravating style of writing is just getting unbearably annoying.  Note how so far, this article has absolutely zero unintentional spelling mistakes or bad grammar?  That's how literate I wish it was on a forum.  I shall tell you why.

A forum is not supposed to be a chat room.  In a chat room, the posts go very quickly as you simply hit enter to say something, and the amount of posting happening every minute is often so quick that your message would soon get scrolled right off the screen if you didn't shorten some words/be more lenient with spelling and grammar.  However, a forum is different.  There, you have time to prepare what you are going to say, a button to post this and often a preview/or edit button to fix mistakes.  This is when I wish people would just use proper English.  Of course, some technical terms are often seen as incorrect according to spelling checkers, but it's normally words that I wish were spelt correctly.

The other main reason this is important is that it is very difficult to read a paragraph of text where words have been abbreviated and text speak has been used.  This is unfortunate, as some of the content may have actually been useful information and could have helped someone if spelling was watched.  You don't know how annoying it is also to read a website or forum that has writing wrote by someone so illiterate, it is totally unreadable.

I generally also want spelling fixed so there aren't any grammar/spelling obsessed people online.  Each forum, normally has at least two members who can't write two lines without commenting on someone's grammar or spelling being incorrect by even one letter, and go over the paragraphs, quoting things they see as wrong in bold or italics.  I'm sorry, but this often causes normal topics to erupt in a fight of who can spell words better in the English language, and normally ruins serious topic related conversation there, also starting flaming.

So please, would people spell correctly (especially on the site forum here)?