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Super Mario 64 DS Paintings

In-game ones

Here is an in-game picture list of all the paintings you will see in Super Mario 64 DS.  Man, this site has almost too much factual data on a few games!

Main floor
Bob-omb Battlefield Leads to course 1.  Has a row of marching bob-ombs on it.
Whomps Fortress Leads to course 2.  Shows a floating castle with tall tower.
Jolly Roger Bay Shows a ship and leads to course 3.
Cool Cool Mountain Shows icy enemies and leads to course 4.
Bowser painting Shows either Peach or Bowser.  Turns from 1 into 2 as you approach.
Stain glass window of Peach Shows Peach.  Leads to secret slide.
Mario painting Shows Mario and leads to Goomboss Battle.
Sunshine Isles Painting Shows some tropical islands and leads to Sunshine Isles.


Lava face Shows a demon face and leads to Lethal Lava Land.
Wall A wall which leads to Shifting Sand Land.
Pool A pool of liquid like mercury which leads to Hazy Maze Cave.  Would be poisonous in reality.
Water wall A wall of water leading to Dire Dire Docks
Boo painting A boo painting you can walk through while invisible in Big Boos Haunt level.
Luigi painting. Picture of Luigi found in the Big Boos Haunt attic leading to Big boo Battle.
Third floor
Spider Spider painting leading to Wet-Dry World.  Jump in at different heights to change water level when you enter.
Mountain A picture of a mountain and mushrooms leading to Tall Tall Mountain.  Very small for a big level.
Tiny Huge Island goomba One is small and leads to Tiny Island and one is huge and leads to Huge Island.
Galaxy A painting of the stars.  No clue why in the game.
Sky Painting of Sky with no purpose.
Snowman Shows where on the wall the Snowman's Land entrance is.
Wario Leads to Chief Chilly Challenge.
Final floor
Clock face Leads to course 14.  jump in while on 12, 3, 6 or 9 to freeze level.
Bowser painting Another Bowser picture
Peach Painting Another picture of Princess Peach.

Extra- In Big Boos Haunt,  dare you to touch that nice, decorative piano that doesn't do anything.....