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Unsolved Mysteries,

The strange and unknown, Mysteries in Super Mario 64 ( and DS)

Welcome to the Unsolved mysteries page where you can find all the strange stuff in the game of Super Mario 64 that wasn't ever solved, strange and mysterious secrets....

'L is Real'

The centre piece of all the fake 'get Luigi' rumours that were saying he was in the original, this strange star shaped fountain ornament has no logical meaning in the game.  All though the rumours are fake, they have some ideas what it meant( even if they aren't/probably aren't true).  Some examples:

None of these are true, but they are the only clues to this almost cryptic puzzle!

The Gate in Dire, Dire Docks

If you've gone to the part of Dire, Dire Docks after defeating Bowser for the second time, you'll have seen a strange opening in the wall, going into darkness.  Entering the hole takes you outside the castle into the fish pond, near the cannon.  But why is this opening there?  Did it used to have a more meaningful use originally, like a gate to a secret level with one or more of the castle secret stars?

The mysterious passage

In stars 2-7 of Jolly Roger Bay, course 3, the eel is in a net in the side of the level.  But when it exits that netted passage, you can see what the passageway is more carefully.  And it carries on behind the net for a decent amount of length!  upon further attempts with using Koopa shells, Power flower invisibility and using the Metal Wario character, I have found no way behind that net.  What is behind that net anyway?

Vanishing tunnel

Did you know that when you're in the pyramid and look up, the entry passage disappears!

That's all the unknown rumours and mysteries for now, so check back later for more of them!

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