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Super Mario Advance

Important Note:

Mario Bros 2 isn't a real Mario game!  The real Mario Bros 2 was only released in Japan and is now called the lost levels!  Because the Japanese version was so hard, they changed a non-Mario game and replaced the characters with Mario ones, that's why it's so different!


  1. Normal world

  2. Desert World

  3. Normal world 2

  4. Ice World

  5. Forest World

  6. Desert World 2

  7. Sky World

Note about levels:

There are three levels in each world, bar the last.  The third level is a level with a boss in it.  There is normally one boss per world, bar Sky World.  Almost all levels have a mini-boss in.  This is usually Birdo.

Birdo Bosses:

Normal:   Fires just eggs and is pink.  Found in World 1.
Fire: Fires eggs and fireballs.
Green: Fires just fire.


Mouser: A bomb throwing mouse found in Worlds 1 and six.  Throws his bombs back to beat him.

Tryclyde: To defeat this snake, throwing blocks at him while dodging the fire.

Robirdo: Fire large eggs back at this mechanical Birdo clone.

Fry Guy: Fire blocks at this living fireball.

Clawgrip: Throw back the rocks to kill this crab.

Hawk Mouth: Three blocks to the mouth should end this living door.

Wart: Fire vegetables into the mouth of this frog when he opens his mouth.

Some items:

Block: Throw these at enemies or use as platforms.

Vase: You can go down these to secret areas.

Vine: Climb these to new areas.

Potion: Throw to make a door appear to Sub Space. There you can get coins and life hearts.

Life Heart: Use this to extend your heart meter( health)

1-up mushroom:  Use for an extra life.

Cherry: Gain five of these for a star.

Star: Use to kill enemies, be invincible and pummel Birdo easily.

Teleport Diagram: