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Here are links to the best gaming related websites.  Since my Bravenet directory didn't work, I'm using the old system.  Feel free to suggest a hyperlink to be added, like to your own site.

Nintendo DS websites

Gaming websites

Legend of Zelda websites

Zelda Planet

Raurus Return

Zelda Universe

Zelda Legends

Legends and Adventure

Zelda infinite

The light world

Zelda World

Ganons Tower


Mario websites

The Mushroom Kingdom

Lemmy's Land

Super Mario Bros HQ

Super Mario RPG site


Exploding Deku Nut

The most humerous videogaming site ever, this site has satire about things in the Legend of Zelda game series. Makes you laugh about as much as watching the film Dodgeball! Read the satire about Nintendo policing the internet, very funny satire this one is!

Zelda 101

P.S. The above site has the best cursor ever on the home page! Neat effect! Great information as well.

Note that the affiliates are the sites that are the professionally managed generally, and are those that call this site an affiliate.  Which is only one site.  But it's a great site, and a major site in the Zelda fan site community which covers a very interesting subject, satire.

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