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Snaking does not Exist!

I have had it up to here with the term 'snaking'.  This term, used by the non-professional players, is supposed to mean mini-turboing in a left to right alternate fashion on a straightway, and Nintendo, trying to please the majority as usual have agreed to this term pretty much all over their forums.  Well it is wrong.  Snaking, is a term originated from a glitch in F-Zero GX, where players actually exploited the physics of the game to ridiculous fast.  This version actually was a glitch, and the leading sites had invented 'snaking' and non-snaking charts for F-Zero GX.

Snaking in F-Zero GX was a glitch like the dark room of death in Super Mario 64 DS shown here.

Now, in the Mario Kart community, people have found that mini-turboing on a straight actually made you go faster.  This was simply an advanced tactic used to get faster time trial times.  They called this Straight Stretch Mini-Turbo, or SSMT for short.  This was all fine until Mario Kart DS came out...

Now, someone must have 'found' this technique to go faster and derived the name from the F-Zero GX community.  This then led to many people, mainly newbies to the Mario Kart series, to assume it was a glitch, and caused them to get 'evidence' from the F-Zero GX community when in fact the 'snaking' there and the type used in Mario Kart DS are not the same.  This also led to some people branding the technique a glitch.  See a real glitch then compare it to 'snaking'.

On a deeper level, neither SSMT or snaking are even right in the first place!  This because both are simply mini-turboing, or on a newbie level, power-sliding.  So technically, everything mentioned is just fancy jargon for mini-turboing.

But if you want to act like a real pro player, you don't have to go that far back.  Just ditch the term 'snaking' and call it SSMT, like the professional time triallers have done for many years before the game was released with wifi.

This is also a very good cue to stop being an 'anti-snaker'.  If you want another reason to ditch those wrong beliefs, think about how silly 'anti-Stretch Straight Mini-Turboer' sounds.