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The Glitch Hunters Times

February 28, 2006Keeping you up to date with the latest and best shortcuts, tips and tricks! This week The other courses!
Major glitches
Freeze the game- In Luigi's Mansion, press A and B on the steps to freeze the game.

Jump a fence- Boost and jump when you hit the kerb on the garden path to fly over the front fence.

Through the support beam- In Banshee Boardwalk, go to the part where the track drops down a level. Now turn around and you should see the support beam of the last area. Boost and jump at it and you can go through the beam.

Purgatory Portal- In Tick Tock Clock, boost and jump to the left at the start
and with the right aim, you can fly far enough to disappear off the map screen.

Hop the fence- In DK Pass, hit the last snowman from the side nearest the red fence. You will be flipped sideways by the impact and over the fence.

Hop the second waterfall- In Yoshi falls, stay near the top of the second waterfall and hop rapidly. You should make it to the other side.
Mission Boss Tricks
Easy win against Big Bob-omb- First, throw one bomb at him. Now get another but hold it behind you. Get a third. Now throw the second bomb then the third to immediately skip the third stage of the battle.

Easy way to beat Chief Chilly- On the third hit, watch his movements. As you see him about to charge, boost. If timed correctly, he will not have time to jump allowing you to score an easier win!


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Course Strat- Luigi's Mansion
Personal time: 1:42:XXX

Mini-turbo throught first two corners

Mini-turbo twice on first straight

Mini-turbo twice round next corner

Use two SSMTs to get through grass shortcut

Mini-turbo twice at end gate

Mini-turbo repeatedly through muddy area. Restart if you hit a tree.