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Shortcut videos

The definitive proof you need!

This page will house videos of all my best shortcuts and glitches including shortcuts in Rainbow Road, Sky Garden, Tick Tock Clock and the tricks in Bowser Castle, DK Pass, Banshee Boardwalk and Luigi's Mansion.  Watch the glitch and shortcuts videos listed below and you will easily be able to tell how to use such awesome tricks to your advantage!

The video below shows Sky Garden shortcut 1. This is legal at the players page, and is used for the world record times.

Glitch or shortcut File size
Rainbow Road shortcut 3 929 KB
Tick Tock Clock shortcut 2 Over 1 Megabyte
DK Pass reverse shortcut 515 KB
Bowser Castle wall jumping trick 772KB
Banshee Boardwalk glitch video  
Luigi's Mansion freezing glitch.  In action.  
New Bowser Castle jump trick
Going through a Bullet Bill
Going over the red fence in DK Pass  
Hopping through the second Yoshi Falls waterfall without a mushroom!  

Enjoy!  More videos coming soon!

New and just in, the Banshee Boardwalk glitch! New findings:

wall riding glitch

Frappe Snowland glitch

Sky Garden fourth shortcut