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Glitch Overview;
Mario 64 DS

Is Mario 64 DS better at being a flawless masterpiece than the original or more flawed?  Well this long article should answer this question.


First, a glitch comparison:

Super Mario 64 Super Mario 64 DS
Dark room of death Die in Toy Box
Jump through stair case floating Mario on Bob-omb Battlefield
Big Boo's laugh Flood Tall, tall Mountain
Through Tall, tall Mountain Stand on lava
Flying dead Mario Freeze Snowman's Land

The Comparisons

In Mario 64 the Dark room of death was a hugely severe glitch which was removed in later game.  And the Toy Box glitches are nothing compared to this so Mario 64 original gets one point!

Jumping through a stair case was a minor glitch while floating Mario... glitch drastically alters gameplay, so Mario 64 DS gets 1 point!

Big Boo's laugh was minor and so is walking on lava under a log so no game wins!

Through tall, tall mountain was a major cool glitch while flooding it was also cool.  In the long run though flooding it wins as it has more of an effect!

Flying dead Mario was a more minor glitch than freezing Snowman's Land so Mario 64 DS wins another point!

Mario 64 DS wins so far with 3 points!

Number of glitches

Mario 64 DS has more glitches and for evidence, here's some of my glitch cheats from the Mario 64 DS Sector!

Die, while metal in lava:

Just stand still in it for around 10 seconds!

Walk through fence while normal:

Walk through the red fence in the elevator section of Hazy Maze Cave( the cage) while invisible.  Wait until you turn normal then walk at the fence.  You will walk straight through the fence!

Walk on a slope:

Outside the castle, climb to the roof.  Go left from the back wall on the slope near the waterfall.  At one point you can just stand still without falling.

Get stuck in opening:

In the Vanish Cap course, turn inflatable and rise into the entrance.  When you turn normal you can walk kick across the shaft forever!

Stand in Cannon:

Freeze Snowman's Land( see glitch in another section).  Then go to the cannon.  You can walk around inside the cannon


So Mario 64 DS wins another point!

The total is:

Mario 64- 1 point Mario 64 DS- 4 points


It is confirmed, Mario 64 DS wins!

So there you have it, the more glitched game is the new version!  But that's strange.  They had over 10 years to improve.... and the glitches got worse!  How could this be?  The trickiness of conversion is my theory!

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