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The Graphics Program; Mario 64 DS has even one of these in the game...

If you've seen it, then you know how it works.  Remember manipulating Mario's face in the original?  Well this is an expansion of this but also a drawing applet for free!

The controls

Mario or Yoshi's face is on screen:

Tap the face to hold it and drag to move.

Pull to stretch it.

A- Spin Clockwise

Y- Spin Anti-clockwise

X- Stretch vertically

B- Stretch Horizontally

Blank screen:

Stylus- Draw a picture

Button on screen to right, manipulate picture

Button on left on screen, back to start page

X- Make lines darker

B- Thicken lines


Try to copy a picture, from a game magazine and see how close to it you can get the image to look.

Use the line thickening for different picture styles.

Sound effects:

Strange sound which ends with a squeak sound!

High pitched sound from in-game

Wipe screen sound.

Screen Transitions:

Wipe from top to bottom.

Wipe from left to right and vice versa.

Strange happening:

If you don't draw anything and press manipulate, the game draws a line for you to mess around with!

End transition:

Star transition, like when going into a secret level.