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Cheat Devices, friend or foe?

The following article...

Last time, I wrote how less adventurous players were too frightened, or chicken to use game enhancement devices.  Now, I present the follow up, with new examples, new evidence and the most harsh article in the world!

What is the most obvious, is that there are many types of gamer, from those who just play through once and put a game down forever, to those ho find every last secret, glitch and code in the software.  Then there are those who play fair, and those that don't.  But are those people who don't cheat really cowards.  first, I'll look at their opinions:

1- Cheaters finish the game unsatisfied and don't get the experience.

But do they?  I sure feel happy after cheating to beat a videogame!  In fact, for me, it's not the playing that's fun but the victory!

2- Your game will get erased if you use an enhancement device

The first rubbish story often wrote about by Nintendo.  Do not use enhancement devices or your game data may get corrupted.   This is a total lie.  With an Action Replay's built in codes, the game data doesn't get altered in any way except temporarily.  That story is just a hoax to scare gullible gamers into playing fair.

3- You can't enter tournaments if you cheat.

True, but who wants to enter a tournament?  You aren't the best in the world if you win, as many don't ever enter!  Besides, I could have beat some of their 'champion' gamers!

Other untrue stories

1- A Mew in Pokemon  got by using cheat codes is weaker than an official one.  Really?  Then how come, technically, a Gameshark alters the memory to get you one in the same way as one of those official download machines!  You're journeying all that way and beating all those people, without cheating then you end up doing something you could have done in five seconds flat with a Gameshark game enhancer!

Does a game enhancer actually wreck your videogame?

No.  All it does is temporarily alter a memory value in the game to do something unusual and unexpected.  it does add anything to the game code.  Take Smash Bros Melee.  The mechanics for playing as Giga Bowser aren't added to the game by an Action Replay but were already programmed into the game.  Want proof?  see the Debug Master Control menu used by the programmers and you can play as Giga Bowser, master Hand, Crazy Hand the wire frames etc, just like you could with an Action Replay code!

And what are the benefits of cheating?

Play as un-playable characters.  You can play as impossible to play characters.

Play in secret levels.  Can you do this fair players?  I thought not..

Play Alpha and Beta levels and game modes.  Like areas that you get to play at events where games are revealed for the first time!

So, are you going to be cowards, or play like real gamers?  Are you going to just take all Nintendo tells you about cheating?  No!