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Beta and Glitch Levels

The definitive guide

Okay, there were plenty of places with the same or similar information ages ago.  The only problem was, that the communities which had all the information on beta parts of video games (not including the codes) seem to have gone defunct for no reason whatsoever and many of them still are uncharted.  So here is my small guide to beta levels and glitch worlds, including photos and video.

Super Mario Sunshine

This game has a secret test level in it, as shown by the picture on the left.  The codes for this can be obtained at, but here is a quick overview of the level for anyone who wants to know more.  You enter by holding L and R while a level loads when this code is active.  In the level, there are these objects:

And that's nearly it.  There are also signs and piantas (and Nokis as well) and if you talk to them, you will get the error message as displayed in the photograph.  I think this is because as this is a test level, the error messages either are non-existent or have been removed a long time ago.

Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time

In this game, there are a bunch of areas you can access through what is known as the Beta Quest.  This is where you enter a code, then start off in Hyrule Field.  The many different quests have you going to different areas when you exit each area, and there is much beta content hidden away in this.  Some of the quests have produced these results:

Non-playable movie of Hyrule field in infinite loop

Playing the game in the title screen movie (you can even move with the title screen displayed)

Exiting has also given some strange results.  There are ways to enter adult areas with Young Link and vice versa.  Sometimes it just freezes with strange music playing and sometimes you can end up in these odd areas:

Extra Note: If you fight Ganondorf during this mode, you end up at the start of the game as Young link in Kokiri Forest.  For some reason, the 'always Adult Link' code has no effect!

Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker

There are many areas in this game, and here are a list of some of the coolest:


The Ghost ship- This is a beta ghost ship in the game, and is way different from the current one that exists in the game now.  Instead of Poes, a Stalfo, and a Wizrobe, it has two floating red bubbles, two blue bubbles hidden as skulls and two Stalfos that appear when you land on the main part of the floor.  You also get a Triforce chart, but you can use it to collect extra treasure if you save after getting it.  Escape by going through a door.  A tip to cheat is to fire arrows at the skulls so you kill the hidden blue bubble enemies.




The Alpha Level- This is a level with no textures which looks quite cool.  There is a cabana in the middle, and sea which stretches for miles before you start swimming.  Trying to use the stairs here kills you.  Or makes you lose some health.


Beta Outset Island- This is the version of Outset Island which was played at E3 for Shigeru Miyamoto himself to demonstrate the game.  Orcas door is on a different side of his house, there is no sky, wooden barricades blocking the mountain path and signs referring to the looout post.  he pirates are also here, and you can use this to sneakily get Pictographs of them for the sculpture gallery.  If you go into the ship, the pirates act like you are at Forsaken Fortress.  Entering and exiting the ship causes you to warp to Windfall Island.

Pig Testing- Here is a large maze with many pigs.  You can cause a riot by attacking one and going near lots of them, and you can generally test pigs.

Art Studio- Here is the Art Studio in Tingle Island, removed before the game was released.  You can explore the weird place, the colum in the corner kills you and exiting brings you back to Tingle Island.

Test Rooms

These are areas that are accessed via the default codes in the Action Replay disc.  They range from an area used to test out treasure chests (with many, many chest containing 1 rupee), an area with enemies encased in ice, a large area with the boat and many interactive features, three other similar ones, one with Peahats, Stalfos and Keese and one with other enemies including red bubbles and redeads.

Beta Stone Bridge

This is an area with a simple stone platform and wooden bridge to nowhere in it.  You can smash the bridge like normal, and walk through the part of it when it falls.  There isn't much to do here though.

Invisible island

This is an island with about 3 Bokoblins and a Moblin.  You can kill the enemies like normal, and get money by cutting the grass.  Strangely, you can't call sea gulls to fly around as one, but plenty fly around.  The sea isn't solid, but if you ride the boat, you can somehow sail on thin air.

More beta photos are here, in my Beta photo album.

Click here

Glitch Area

Behind shop counter- Use the moonjump, and levitate as you enter the shop.  If you've done it right, you can walk through any object and even walls.  In the bomb shop, the pigs aren't there and you can see the pirate characters floating in a void if you walk through the wall.  In the shops with signs, they say that 'Forest paths are closed until the bridge is repaired'.  In the figurine gallery area, you can see the stuff behind the counter in more detail.

Super Smash Bros Melee

Test Level in Pub- Open the debug menu with AR codes.  Now choose test as the level to play and makes sure player 1 is Mario.  You will start fighting in a Coffee Shop like place, with long grey platforms.  It is supposedly an Target Test Level taken out of the game.

Shiek's Target Test Stage

Choose TSEAK as the level name.  You will fight on a small platform, which has three targets.  This is Shieks Removed target test level from early in the making of the game.

Shieks Target Stage:



Glitch Worlds

Super Mario Sunshine

1- In Bianco Hills, go to the waterwheel.  Dive at the correct point, and you land half way into the ground.  Like walk forward enough to fall to a big blue sea like area.  Don't stop, otherwise you will automatically die.  You can just mess around down here.

Wario Land

Hell- This weird castle level is entered through a glitch in an area within Stove Canyon.  In the mine cart level, get to the end.  drop to the ledge with the bouncy block, crawl and hold down while you walk onto it.  Crawl onto the next pad to appear at the bottom of the screen.  Walk left so you fall into a glitched area.  Walk right and enter the door to fall into the weird level.

This bats are replaced with ducks swinging maces, there are axes everywhere including the background and the blocks at the end look like spikes.  The background has blended with platforms, so you can stand on thin air in certain cases.  If you enter the halfway door, and exit, a mine cart appears at the top of the level in the normal world.

Outside the treasure room- Go to the Fork Tree level.  Now, enter the treasure room.  Stand on the chest, then use the trick David Wonn found where you pause, change Warios form and unpause.  You can go over the wall to the right, and eventually fall to your death.

Super Mario 64 DS

Dark Room of Death glitch in Tick Tock Clock room

If you slide kick in the corner of the second step as Wario, sometimes you will fall into an invisible room.  A picture is:


Unloaded Downtown

If you do the box glitch in Wet-Dry World, you can fall down into the tunnel.  Go towards downtown and you can land in the area.  It is totally invisible, but the land marks act like they normally would.  There are also no enemies or water raisers.  Do not do this when the water is high, or you may get trapped forever as the surface is above the ceiling and you drown.


You can also see a video at:


Mario Kart DS

Glitch world, Waluigi Pinball invisible area- If you do the Waluigi Pinball glitch, you can land on invisible land outside the area, and even land inside the flipper area. You drive like normal, and can re enter the area easily.

Super Mario 64

Dark room of Death- If you fly into the right area of the tower above the castle, you fall down for a long way.  You end up in the wall of the castle, and can exit by walking through the wall.  If you enter the door, you are in the void before the entrance, viewing the inside of the Castle foyer.

Pokemon Red

Glitch City- Save inside the Safari Zone.  Now exit.  after you steps are up, you will be warped back.  Exit to arrive in the area.  You are in a weird area with jumbled up pixels, and are at Seafoam Islands if you believe the map.  Pause and the whole area gets flooded.  You have to fly away, and you can get stuck on a lake there if you walk too far.

Wario Land 4

The secret room- Active the 'walk through wall' code with Action Replay.  Go to Palm Tree paradise.  Now, go the end of level and walk through wall.  Instead of dying or going off screen, you will end up in an inaccessible room to the right of that wall, with two enemies and a diamond.  Since no attacks got me through that wall, I guess they removed the room entrance from the level.