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Here are the requirements for affiliation.   Note that mostly sites with domain names will be considered, then ones hosted on Tripod!  Remember that if your site meets the requirements that it doesn't guarantee it will be listed in the navigation frame affiliates area.  If not, it will be listed here instead.  It's mainly first come, first served.

The requirements are:

Number Requirement Why I have the requirement
1 You must have over 5 pages of content.


If you don't, your site probably isn't good enough to be an affiliate of this site.


2 It must be about gaming in some way. This site is a gaming site (about the Nintendo DS)
3 No illegal content Just guess...
4 No background music It gets very annoying, very fast.  Look on these sites for the reasons why:,
5 A decent layout No scrolling navigation frames, no objects flying around the cursor or cheap tricks.
6 Say the actual site address, not the doorway page I won't link to a doorway page or splash intro.  I'll just link to the first page I find with internal hyperlinks.
Actual Affiliates


Site name Site address


I want a flash based banner- No, only pictorial banners.
What about a search form for a banner?- No.
Can you link to my site through a form element?- Just name what form element.  An example would be:

Please note that it will open your page in the frameset so don't use this all the time.

What about fan pages?

See the requirements like for every other site.


If you want a button copy the logo to your server with any copyright intact. Do not remote load or remotely link the image from this site or say it's your own picture and that you own the picture.