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Warioware Touched;

Awesome original game or a misfitting collection of games?  Don't fear, this review is here to answer that very question!

But what is Warioware Touched?  It's a collection of rapid 3 second games which use a simple control method and continue until a boss game  which has no time limit and goes on until you win or lose.  You have to play it to really understand it so if you like it play it.   Now, on with the review.

Graphics-wise it's no Super Mario 64 DS but at least okay.  The graphics have a sharp but simple comedy style of graphic that's not rubbish but not exactly awesome game of the year 2005.  But you won't pay much attention to how good the graphics are when you play it.  So I would rate the graphics: 75% for being sharp but simple.

Sound Wise it's surprisingly good with clear and appropriate music all through.  Before you go, what do you mean great?, learn this:

The classic music is brilliant.  Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Balloon Fight.  These rock with exactly the same good tune as the actual game.  The main music is bouncy but good while the theme music is pretty good( like what plays with Mike's games).  In fact, the music is the second best bit!  My score: 95%

But it really shines in gameplay.  Giving one example would cover it so click on these sets of games info:


9 Volt and 18 Volt


Notice anything?  The wide variety of games?  Well that's the fun, playing them one after the other, trying to beat a high score( like my really good ones) and beating friends and family and crushing their hopes!  Seriously, whole families get addicted to just fly swatting and the Big Hurl!  Well, some do!

And fun comes in boss games, like whole separate games!  Try Nosey Business, like an adventure within a game!  Or Orbit Ball, Pro Bowling, Global Warning, Living Room Rally, the list goes on!  What's your favourite?

Percentage: 100%

The lifespan is a slight disappointment though.  It's way too easy for long time fun.  When the thrill is over you'll return but when you get another game.... the end.  I finished it in an evening!  My score: 75%

Overall it's great but a little short to be a true classic like Mario 64 DS.   And now for the score:

Graphics Sharp and clean but simple.


Sound Awesome


Gameplay Perfect fun


Lifespan Too short to be a classic


Bonuses Many toys and bonuses


Score 90%