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Mini-walkthroughs for Wario's Microgames;
Touch Training selection

Pop the balloons

This game is so easy you shouldn't need help with it but here are the prizes behind the balloons anyway:

Small man





Finding the object:

Here look carefully at what site the handle is on a cup or label is on a bottle.  For fun, tap the cat or bird in the room!

Chiselling: Here just tap a different place each time and tap fast! Match the shape:

Look very carefully.  You should be able to tell which two  objects the shape isn't.  But look at thickness of sides, length, resemblance to a letter of the alphabet, etc.

Sleepy Head:

Tap the object to make the person wake!  On round 3 tap the place the bell will go.  Note the hilarious expressions!

Horse racing( named Rump roast):

For this game just hammer the horses tail like crazy!  Don't worry, the screen won't break via doing this unless you are extremely strong

Fly swatting:

Follow my simple guide:

  1. Know your glass, after 18 taps the glass breaks!
  2. know your flies:
  3. At easy mode; slow flies
  4. At normal mode; medium flies
  5. At hardest mode; fast flies
  6. Now learn this; wait for the flies to stop them tap them.
  7. For easy flies, tap them as they pass under the stylus.
  8. For harder flies, wait for them to stop.


Poke a bug:

Just tap either one, two or three bugs.  This is a snap!

Cat Poking:

This is a game from all Warioware games.  Just tap the cats face!  If you can't do this you're clueless!

Patching the leak:

This game will determine just how good you are with using the correct pressure with the stylus!  If you mange it easy, you're a decent player, if not, adjust the pressure!

Waste with haste:

This is so easy, just tap the pencil to make the lead come out.  Or toothpaste.

Big Bang:

Just tap the fireworks.  It may be easy now, but on Gnarly Mix it's insanity!

  That's it!
Into the sunset:

Hammer the objects to win this game.  Note the constellations afterwards though:

1- Barrel constellation

2- Brick constellation

3- Fighter's face constellation

Character Development:

Just spell the words.  It may be easy but it's so boring!  Like a game from an education CD ROM!

Accountant Assault:

Use a calculator!  This may be easy sometimes but you sure can cheat on it:

1- write down the sum and work out while game is paused.

2- Use a real life calculator!

3- Work out in your head!

Up for grabs:

Tap the object to grab it.  Surprisingly hard for many somehow!

Tune Out:

Copy the music teacher!  This is easiest but fail once, she goes ballistic!

  Note: If you find that hard don't try:

Global warning

Orbit ball


Exploring Nostril cavern

or rubbing the rainbow!

Bubble Wrap: Just pop the bubble wrap.  Need any explanation this? Number Cruncher:

Tap in order!  The instruction sums it up mainly but for the order look at:

dice- the number of spots

aliens- the number of legs

number- the number( well duh)

Flag- the Roman numeral on the flag

Perfect Match:

Match the cards.  If you aren't sure, just write down the pattern quickly!

Swamp things:

Poke the snail's eyes and the turtle's head!

In order:

Just tap the odd one out! Reciting to yourself works fine, as does paper!



If you get stuck on these games you need help, it's only Warioware training!

My personal High Scores:

1st- 63
2nd- 59
3rd- 58

My top high score is pretty awesome, eh?  Part of  my goal, to get over 60 on each character's Microgames!