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warioman's Microgames, tips, 
 and bonuses!

Cheat: to unlock Warioman's games beat every other character's games, then play after the following cut scene!  To play his games afterwards feed him the piece of bad garlic.  To play Wario's games again, feed Warioman the bomb that appears!

Hot Flash:

Take off the weirdo's clothes!  Remember to take off the mouth gag though!

Bubble Head:

Pop the bubbles!  This is like popping the balloons in Wario's set!

You scratch it!:

scratch Wario's back until his says okay!  Note that on levels 2 and 3 Mario and Toad also appear!


Join the wire and press the button to launch the rocket.  Watch what gets launched, you may be surprised!

Boiled Egg:

Stop the wheel so the egg falls off!  This is a synch!

Nostril Cavern:

For this adventure game follow this guide:

For level 1-

1. destroy the hairs on the floor

2- Destroy the under hanging boulder!

3- Tap the rocks to destroy them

4- Duck to avoid the snot

5- Cut the hair on the small nose.

6- Escape

For level 2-

1. destroy the hair on both walls

2- Destroy the wall

3- Tap the rocks

4- duck

5- Cut the hair

6- Escape

level 3-

Generally the same as level 2.

Stack the blocks:

Stack the blocks so Wario runs onto the beam!  If he doesn't make it you lose.

( this can be verified)

Dead Simon Says:

Make the skeleton copy the other one!  Suspiciously like the face changing game!


Tap Wario's fists after maybe laughing at his white rabbit costume!

Smash Wario into Space:

Make the fist smash Wario to the moon!

Short Fuse:

Cut the right wires or the bomb will explode!  My tip is to ignore the music and cut two wires in one cut!

Fan Fair:

Move Wario to save his precious money from the incinerator!

Flea squashing:

Tap the fleas to kill them!  Kind of like the fly swatting so copy your fly swatting strategy!


cut the pizza to pieces with the pizza cutter!

Where's Wario:

Rotate the ball to find Wario!  Look carefully on the pixellated ball!

Domino Theory:

Tap Wario to knock over the dominoes!  This is probably taken from Domino Row in Warioland 4!

Grab the tail:

Pull the lizards tail to win!  Or twice for the double tailed lizard!

Daily Grind:

Pull the pages off a calendar!  One tip is to count the number of days and pull that many times!

Pumping Balloons:

Move the pump in the direction shown to release many, many, balloons!

Wario Drum:

Tap Wario on each drum to stop him breaking out!  For level one just hit; left drum, right drum etc or right drum, left drum etc.

Reveal the coin:

First blow to find a coin in a sand box then tap it to grab it!

My high scores!

1st- 59
2nd -58
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