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The Finale,

The Retro overview of Wario Land 4

So this is finally it,  the final game to be written about in the retro sector.  It took all this time to decide on the last game to write about but here it is, Wario Land 4.  The final of a sadly ended series, this game had it all.  Humour, transformations, crazy bosses and sometimes Game smashing type difficult levels, it had it all.

Wario Transformations:

Fat Wario

Eat an apple thrown by an enemy to become this version of Wario.  Slow as he may be, he can smash the hardest bricks by jumping and annihilate any enemies by walking into them, making a level just slightly easier!

Bouncy Wario

Get hit by a hammer to bounce up great heights, through anything in your path.  Don't get carried away though, as you will lose the power after a certain time!

Flaming wario

When burnt, he will run around screaming then turn into a fireball, smashing fire blocks and killing enemies.

Bubble Wario

Go in a bubble while underwater to become this.  You will float through currents, but that's it.

Snowman Wario

After getting hit by ice, this occurs.  Walk around invincible, then go on a slope to roll around through snow blocks at speed before coming to an abrupt stop at the nearest wall.

Vampire Wario

After coming into contact with a bat, this happens.  Wario will become an invincible bat and can fly around until he hits some light, which cancels the effect.

Zombie Wario

If you get hit by a ghost or the drool of Cractus( the first boss), this occurs.  walk around slowly to wipe out enemies( and the ghost that did this), then jump while on a platform to fall through it!   To return to normal, hit some light or water.

Puffy Wario

On contact with a bee, Wario floats into the air.  Press B to speed up his rising, then hit a ceiling to fall.  You can find many secrets in this way, including some odd ones indeed!


Block- You can destroy this brown block with any attack.

Green block- Hit in with a dash attack to pass.

Blue block- Disappears or appears with the frog switch.  Indestructible.

Water- Just water. Cancels any transformation except bubble Wario.

Lava- Found in one level only, this is dangerous when you fall in, but not instant kill like in Wario Land 1!

Switch- Reopens the vortex so you can exit the level.

Keyser- This creature is the key to the next room in the passage.  Exit with him to proceed through the game.

Chest- Just open it.

Gem piece- When this is collected, it fits in the boss door.  Get four and the last key to open the boss door.

Pipe- A portal to another area, this item is just like a door.

Door- See pipe

Boss Guide


To beat this oversized piranha plant, first just pound his head.  Then avoid his attack and pound it again.  Get hit by drool to avoid having to lose health and repeat the process.  when he goes high, jump on the ladder and attack from there.

Cuckoo Condor

First, attack the pendulum when it swings down, then when the clock explodes, throws eggs at the small bird on top.


At the start, fire a spike into the bear, then slam it.  Hit the rat many times.  Repeat until done, also avoiding the fire.


Jump on the wave and slam the bat head.  When it's destroyed, jump on a wave, jump at the bald patch and pound.  avoid the mines as well.

Golden Diva

Step 1: throw the heads at the fan to break it.

Step 2: Throw the beetle at the head.

Step 3: Throw the eggs at the head.

Step 4: Slam the bal until it ricochets of the wall and hits the head.

Step 5: throw the hammer.  Get hit, then bounce into the head.

Step 6: Do the above attacks until the boss is at low health.

Step 7: When the boss floats down, slam into the face.

Step 8: Do anything to the lips.

Now watch the ending.  It varies depending on what treasures you got and on what difficulty you won the game on.

Hidden Mode: Beat hard difficulty to unlock Super Hard Mode!

Secret room: Use the walkthrough walls code on an Action Replay in the Palm Tree Paradise level to go through the wall and into a secret cave with two enemies!

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Also, I found a secret room and a secret stash of coins in Wario Land 4 while using the Action Replay device to go through walls! There is a hidden room behind the far wall in Palm Tree Paradise, that contains two enemies and a diamond. I think I discovered it!