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Wario Land 4 Review

Know the score, buy the game!

What to say about Wario Land 4.  Originally one of my favourite games, this game was awesome at the time.  The wacky levels, weird boss fights, the game mechanics and best of all, the music.  While the graphics kind of interested me, the music was just so catchy in some levels that I can still hum some level music.  Now, for the first time, is my review of one of the strangest games ever...



These graphics aren't amazing.  They're awesome in a way, but simple when compared to, say, Mario 64 DS or Mario and Luigi.  They do however, have that unique charm, of weird enemies and neat backgrounds.  when you buy the game, you'll think they're amazing but looking back, there is much better and they don't push the console to it's limits like Wario Land and Wario Land 2 did on the original game boy.



Some of the most catchy music ever, the game excels in this.  From my personal favourite( Crescent Moon Village) to Monsoon Jungle and the frighteningly panic type music when you hit the frog switch, the music is awesome.  About as good as the very original in this sense, then.



While playing for the first time, it's flawless.  But in context, this game isn't as fun as it should be and can get so repetitive.  With no varying levels like the scrolling ones in the original( set on a road or train through a forest or the mine carts), the gameplay fades.  Fun for short plays, then dull after a long time.  Unfair on Super Hard mode where you have little time, hard to find treasures and 1 heart left, it ranges from fun to downright cruel.


A bit lacklustre with only 18 levels and 6 bosses, compared to the original with 37 levels and about 10 bosses.  Too short in my opinion and would have been more fun with, say four entry levels and four golden passage levels!


The mini-games are fun, for a time, but the value comes in hidden cash!  Bust apart walls for diamonds, roll through village steps and fall down holes to secret rooms.  Puzzle rooms with a professor guy and a diamond as well as bonuses not left out the game, even though they're impossible to get without an Action Replay!


Overall, this game is fun.  But after a while, the boredom wears in and you want to switch off.  Addictive while it lasts.  If you don't want to play on because of boredom, I say go into a level and stand still listening to the level music!

Graphics 88%
Sound 95%
Gameplay 80%
Length 60%
Bonuses 90%
Overall 85%