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Wall riding in Super Mario 64 DS

A Guide


Here is a guide to wall riding in Super Mario 64 DS.  I originally wrote it on Gamefaqs, and this is a good way of stopping the guide being purged by the forum topic deletion.  And a good addition to my many information pages on this game, which are also in-depth.

Okay, I may have found a new trick for climbing up very steep slopes which is ridiculously easy. What is this elusive trick? Simple, just crawling. Yes, just crawling.

Cool Cool Mountain variant

Go to the stack of ice blocks with a red coin in. Now you see that huge steep wall you can't climb? Just crawl at it. You will eventually start going up the wall and can walk around on all fours vertically and horizontally until the slope gradient changes.


Go to the area with the snowman, above the final cottage. You can crawl all the way up the slope past the snowman until the melted patch, and when you get to the bridge, even climb up another slightly slanted, almost verticall wall, like a seam.

Big Boos Haunt

With this trick, you can crawl all over the house roof without falling off, and even on the slanted windows in it. But you must start from the ledge where the Big Boos Balcony star appears or the top of the roof, this is no shortcut.

More in part two.

Bowser in the dark world:

You can crawl and climb right up the blue slope for a big shortcut in this level. It seriously works.

Tall Tall Mountain

You can use this to get from Ukiki to the Chuckya and back by climbing over the wall which is above the starting point. You can crawl all over the wall above the lake!

Tiny Huge Island:

You can crawl up the slope near the green pipe, near where the bowling balls come out! This is on tiny island.

You can also do this on Huge Island and also climb up the hill for an easy way into the cave for Wigglers Red coins!

Rainbow Ride:

You can crawl right up the slopes in the obstacle course area where you get the 'swinging in breeze' star and 'Tricky Triangles' star.

Bowser in Sky:

You can walk up the usual walls that you could if running as normal. Stop moving on one and his head goes slightly through the wall as well.

Bowser in Fire sea

You can walk along rotating platforms when they are almost vertical.

You can walk up a blue slope to coins on top of it without sloping (the one you have to go up to get to another taking you to a red coin and a bully).

You can walk up the mesh slope as per normal.

You can walk up Bowsers arena whatever angle it is at! Great tip for the Boss battle, and avoiding being dunked in lava!

Bob-omb Battlefield

You can walk halfway up the slope that the bowling balls come down on.

You can walk right up the slope with the red coin on it! Nice shortcut!

Video and FAQ

Here is the video, of Luigi crawling up a vertical wall which is normally impossible to climb:

And here is the FAQ:

What happens when you stand up or walk?

You automatically stop. Just like you do when you stop actually crawling.

Why did you call the second place on Cool Cool Mountain a seam?

Because in the legend of Zelda community, seams were areas like that where you walked up walls to high up, normally inacessible land.

Why can't you do it at [insert place here]?

Because the slope surface is different and you end up sliding when you attempt to crawl up it.

What's the use of this?

Massive shortcuts in levels for one use.

Is this any April Fools Day joke?

No because it would be very late and not at all funny.