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Toys in room 2 of Warioware Touched!

Clacker: The most pointless toy ever other than the metronome.

They hunger: A weird object with small orbs that group when you tap them. Not many know this but if you blow, they will scatter off the screen!

Spirometer: This weird tube like object measures your breath!  The ball rises when you blow into the microphone and when it reaches the top the lid flies off.  Eventually the small red ball will fly out the top and something will happen.  I'm not sure what happens though.

Play by ear: this is quite a nifty object, a musical instrument in fact.  It's really simple to play and the controls are:

L; flat notes

R; sharp notes

Up; B

Down; A

Left; C

Right G

B; G

A; C

Y; F

X; E

( and to actually play you must blow into the microphone)

Air Dude: This is a short game where you blow to make a small man named Air Dude flying over an ocean.  You have to blow with a strategy to make him stay in the air and you win a new toy after exactly 100 metres.  It's very tiring though and you should take breaks often while playing this.

Party Tooter: This is just what it says, a party tooter for at parties!

Turntable: This is a very nifty item!  It may be old fashioned but it sure can be fun/funny in times of complete boredom!  You pick one of three tunes and press play to play them. Spinning them clockwise makes the song fast forward at a differing rate depending on the speed you spin it. Anti-clockwise does nothing.  The orange button is stop while the red one takes you to the song select screen again.  Back is quit.

Yo-yo: This is a boring basic yo-yo.

Big Hurl: This is a game where you spin a man to make him throw a hammer, preferably straight.   Here is how it's measured in turns of power and distance:

Note: The maximum distance is 187 M.  The score cannot get higher!  It's fixed!  How do I know?  I throw a hammer at max power and perfectly straight.  It soars down the field at top speed and stops dead like it has hit a wall!  No one can get higher!

Grandma Simulator: Probably the craziest toy possible to get is a grandma simulator!  You blow on her tea and she talks to you with phrases of wisdom like:

'mind your matinee'

( P.S. I don't know what that phrase even means).

There are some funny phrases like' Wario is a big grump'

Pet Parrot:  This is the best toy that's not a game because it's the only thing in the game that has speech recognition.  Whatever you say the parrot repeats.. sometimes!

Light show: draw stuff with colour changing light!  Enjoy it for 10 seconds then get very bored.

Snore Rope: A neat game where you keep a senior citizen floating above a rope.  It's very hard and exhausting though so be prepared to take regular brakes.  The man is supposedly the one from the first cut scene who came out the sewer with the Nintendo DS and two Game boy Advances.

Game Credits: Just what the title says.  You didn't see them after game completion so you can see them here!  The background objects are very familiar though because they include:

Pet chameleon: This is a simple novelty where you pull the background down to change the chameleons scale pattern!  The patterns are:

Blue diamonds that look like water raisers from Mario 64s Wet-Dry World

Human shapes

Fancy red circles with white outlines.

A strange rock like pattern

A fancy jig saw pattern with similar colours to boss arenas from Super Mario Bros 2!


A strange green pattern


( By the way, the branch is always green).

Pyro T: This is an addictive bug eating game with full 360 degree aiming!  The points are as follows:

My tip: If any flowers die don't bother eating bugs that go near those flowers.

Small bug 10 points
2 bugs 40 points
3 bugs 90 points
4 bugs 360 points
Blue sphere 10 points
2 spheres 40 points
3 spheres 60 points
4 spheres 80 points
Star 100 points
Large bug type 1 100 points
green orb 10 points
2 green orbs 40 points
3 green orbs 60 points
4 green orbs 80 points
Red orb 10 points
2 red orbs 20 points
bomb 10 points
2 bombs 20 points
3 bombs 30 points
4 bombs 40 points
5 bombs 50 points
Red and black spiky thing 100 points

Custard: Tap it and it bounces around.  Yawn.

That's every toy in Warioware except the promotional video.  I do not have this as I do not own Warioware Twisted!