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Toys in warioware Touched!


Snowman: This is a simple but for a short while fun toy where you have to roll the snowball until it makes a snowman, with a nose, arms and hat that appear from nowhere!  You can then demolish it by clicking on the snowman.

Wario Spinner: This boring toy is just a spinner that moves when you blow into the microphone.  Not much good for anything this thing!

Whistle a tune: A fun instrument you blow into the mic to use.  The tune is random so just play around and enjoy this toy as it is nearly impossible to get.  Well, you earned it fairly after hard work didn't you?

Calculator: This is a nifty calculator which sadly only adds and subtracts.  I may be handy but is rubbish for work or accounting!( P.S. an error pops up if you fill the screen with numbers!)

Juggle Boy: The 4th best souvenir in this room is a fun game where you tap the clown's hands to make him juggle.  The many items you have to juggle go like this:

  1. Pin.  Just tap it to flick it to the other hand
  2. Ball.  Tap to make this item fly off
  3. Barrel.  Tap to make this barrel move across to the other hand.  After ten hits this flies away.
  4. UFO.  Tap to make it fly off.  Be careful as the movements of these are totally random!

Piano: Tap the keys to play a tune.  It may sound pointless but some FAQs have tunes you can play on this like the Mario theme!

Orbit Ball: the best game is a simple endeavour where you bounce a small guy into space off trampolines.  Stars bounce him off course, as do UFOs.  Planets hold him for a second and then he falls.  My top score is 8800 miles!  Try beating that for a challenge!

Wario Paint: this is just a colouring book where you can colour in character faces.  It does lose its charm after 3 minutes though!

Pong Ping: the first ever one machine two player game.  It's a simple affair of table tennis with one player using R and the other L.  A neat touch, especially as the rest of the game isn't multi-player!

Kitchen Timer: Ignore this as it's useless generally.  Except for the potion mixing challenge on Paper Mario 2 where you have to wait a few minutes for the potion to cook!

Pet brine Buddies: This is just plain pointless.  Unless you're totally sad a can't get a decent tamagotchi style game!

Wind Chime: This is a wind chime.  Leave it at that.

Reel to reel: A movie of a chain chomp smashing through walls.  You can rewind or fast forward it.  A neat idea at first but the movie is rubbish!

Air Toss: Blow a ball into the air.  That's it.  No more than that.

Metronome: this ticks.  The lamest object in existence without a rubbish equal of uselessness.

Bubble Blaster: A silly novelty to, as the game says, irritate adults and annoy animals.  This went out of fashion when the DS was invented!  Or even the NES!

Scenery in Orbit Ball
0-300 Sky/land backdrop
300-1000 Yellow stars and planets
1000-3000 UFOs as well
3000 plus Add red stars to boot
Over high score Big Flashing Banner

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