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Your tourist guide

Welcome to the tourist guide for this game!  Read about al the sights to see!  Only on this areas page!

Star dust Fields: This barren area is where the border of the Beanbean kingdom meets the border of the Mushroom kingdom.  Filled with retro enemies like fighter flies and bullet blasters( they fire bullet bills), this area has plenty of (pathetic) traps.  So easy to cross is this area that you can beat the laser defences in this game by jumping over the beams!

Hoohoo Mountain: The tallest mountain in this kingdom, this place was home to an ancient tribe you mysteriously vanished many years ago, leaving just a small village and a strange statue( that fires lasers) halfway up the mountain.  This is the place in the game where Mario and Luigi gain their hammers.

North, South, East and West Beanbean kingdom: These areas are filled with many strange monsters, including some slightly altered classic Mario enemies.  plus you see your first spiny enemies here which can only be killed with the hammer!

Beanbean castle and Castle town: The area that is the royal castle and the surrounding town, this area is under attack early on.  In fact it's under attack later on as well, except pelted by bullet bills instead of meteors.  Inside the castle is the valuable Beanstar, and a complex security system, which turns off by... turning on the water supply.

Chucklehuck Woods: The area that is characterised by a vast chateau full of cola barrels and a thick forest with many enemies, this is the only place where Chuckola cola comes from( in this game at least).  Also home to a mysterious race of snails and a living tree stump.

Woohoo Hooniversity: This university is due east of Castle town.  An old and crumbling building, this is made worse by the fact that Cackletta has turned all the school professors into monsters, like laser snifits.  However, it has got a vast basement and some neat laser beam security systems.

Oho Ocean: The ocean that is in this kingdom, Oho Ocean seperates the mainland from other areas like Oho Oasis and Joke's end, an icy dungeon to the North East of this world.  You can venture undersea later in the game and even surf across while riding Luigi!

Oho Oasis: A small island out in the middle of the ocean, the area is where Mario and Luigi learn the Fire brand and Thunder Hand abilities.  Covered with strange natives who easily are turned into violent monsters, this area is a puzzling point for those not used to RPGs.

Teehee Valley: A vast desert which is filled with danger, peril and strange anubis monsters.  Later in the game Mario and Luigi must lead Peach through this parched area.

Little Fungi Town: The only mushroom people inhabited town in the area, this area has the Mushroom embassy in it.  Also home to the only arcade and a hypnotist.

Beanbean airport: The airport of this world, planes take off from here quite a lot overall.   Actually not so much, since the staff having been having a problem with piranha plants...

Gwarhar Lagoon: An area which is home to the massage appointment clinic and a crab who thinks Mario is Santa Claus.  There are also many pipes to the bottom of the ocean, and some tough skeletal sharks..

Joke's End: The final true area in the game, this icy dungeon is filled with some of the toughest enemies ever to be seen in videogames.  There's tornadoes, again, many tough puzzles and a strange character who can make it snow at any one time...

Bowser's Castle: Not a true area, as this castle wasn't originally part of this land and doesn't exist at the beginning of the game.  In fact, only at the end does this monstrous building appear, floating in the sky and firing bullet bills at the town.  Marks the return of the koopalings and some tough final battles with Fawful and Cackletta..

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