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Site Survey


You have clicked on the link to get to my survey page.  Well, if you're either a potential affiliate giving site improvement suggestions or just a general Bill Bloggs trying to give your opinion, you're in the right place!  Here you can:

Rate my site

Say what your favourite sector is

Say what the worst sector is

And suggest improvements from a selection of eight possible changes!



Free Vote Caster from Free Vote Caster from

Click on the link above to cast your vote.  Then view the results and see what other people have to say about this topic too! go ahead, tell me and others what you think!

Tip: if you want to vote how good my website is I recommend two things;

1- You rate honestly( be blunt, if it's good, it is, if it' not...)

2- Use these factors- Content, layout, structure, cool stuff, affiliates, pictures, JavaScript programming knowledge...