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Site Sectors

A quick Site Guidebook

There are many sectors are this site, but it takes someone who knows the site map to find most of them.  Now, hear about the best sectors and features, right here, right now!  Can you navigate this site?  Now you don't need to!  Use this page as your guide book.

 The homepage: from here you can go to any other sector and some various other pages.

The Super Mario 64 DS sector: Read all about the best Nintendo DS game around in this sector.  It is the best game actually, the vote proved that with Mario 64 DS getting 12 votes out of 17!  Covers the characters, cheats, mini-games, courses, a walkthrough and even a background guide.

Warioware Sector: The best pages on earth about the game that is Warioware Touched!  can help in an emergency!

Articles: The weirdest articles on Earth made better by the fancy rhetorical devices and arguments.  Has far off the usual topics including a hurricane, fortune telling, game malfunctions, tournaments and rubbish fan sites with glaring errors and illegal content!  Read all about it!

Retro Content: Read about the best Game Boy Advance games, here.

Community Sector: Home of the biggest range of cool features ever, this sector has it all.  Inside the Community sector are:

  1. A guestbook
  2. Polls
  3. a survey
  4. a forum
  5. a chat room
  6. site rings
  7. Two search engines!
  8. A FAQ system
  9. And much more!

This is all for communicating with other visitors!

Quizzes: Take part in many quizzes, on many different topics.  The quality and type of quiz varies, but it's worth it.  Or was, until the EX trading post shut down.  It won't reopen.  An all new maze quiz is here to save us all though fans!

Gallery: View fan art and screenshots here!  In many different albums, you can view the art.  Only fan art available currently though, but photographs coming soon!

Removed Sectors:

Opinionated Sector- Removed and the content put in the articles sector.

Help Sector- Removed for the fact it's not needed no more.

Picks of these pages:

Mario 64 DS cheats- Over 200 exclusive Super Mario 64 DS cheats for you to try out!  You won't find more anywhere else, I guarantee it.

Warioware Character select- Info on all the character's mini-games in Warioware Touched!

Flowers, fate deletion- You have to read this...

The worst fan sites- An English teacher would think this article as the most persuasive writing on Earth!

Anti-Sector- Democracy and forum rules reversed in one forum.  Rules?  There are no rules...

Site Guide picture.