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Mona's Minigames;
Cute Cuts

Steel Chef: Cut across fast to cut the objects but remember this, accuracy is better than speed!  You can even cut the earth! Clog it:

Keep pulling very fast to unroll the loo roll!  You will need speed for level 3!

Snivel disobedience:

Cut the snot.  Real easy, if very disgusting.  But you haven't seen disgusting yet...


Stretch the animals.  The elephant's trunk, the giraffes neck, the long dog....

Blowing up:

Pull the party poppers!  Fun with 3 themes;

Birthday, wedding and Halloween party!

Pro Bowling:

Read my Pro guide to Pro Bowling!

First; there's a time limit.  After that a bowling ball disappears!

Aim straight with max power to get strikes!

Read these maps:

Key: xxx bowling pin





Basic stage

xxxxxx              xxxxxx

xxxxxx              xxxxxx

xxx xxx

level 2 stage

xxx   xxx

xxxxxx xxxxxx

xxx xxx


level 3 stage





level 2-2

These are just some maps to help.


Running of the Bull's Eye: Shoot up to hit the target.  Requires God-like precision. Sinking Feeling:

The car's going to crash!  Hold up the road for the car to safely pass.

Star Struck: Smash up the ninjas.  My key tip, watch the ninjas.  When one reaches the middle... fire! Face Lift:

Alter the face!  Look carefully on level 3 though!

Cage Match:

Cut the rope and capture the wild animal.  Remember, it's about timing!

Straight Face: Rotate the totem pole to make a column of the same face!  Always go for the nearest colour! No love:

Pull the petals and watch a computer sad person have a wrecked valentine!

Quite Puzzled:

Make a complete picture!  That's it!  Easy game this one!

Pass Aggressive: Pass to your team mates and score a basket! Tuft it out:

Pull out the hairs!  This is totally horrible to watch/hear and sounds painful!

Sweeping Victor:

Trip over the person and watch them stack it!( Fall flat on their face!)

Fresh Squeezed:

Milk the cow!  Be sure to use the udders which release the most milk though!

Got the Chops:

Cut the veg and make a meal!  Not that funny, but slightly funny if you miss!

It slices:

Cut the object!  Watch the cooler Star Fox like 3D pieces!

Middle Management:

No fun at all.  Cut the blocks without him toppling over! Once won, played no more after!

1st -71
2nd- 54
3rd- 53

Neat high scores eh?  Try to beat them!