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Mario 64 DS;
Good, as good or worse?
Quality revealed!

A modern update of a masterpiece of game design or a badly aged classic gone wrong?  These are important questions to have when about to buy the game Super Mario 64 DS by Nintendo.  But don't fear, this review shall give you the answer whether to buy, to rent or to leave at the videogame store.

The first thing you notice about this game are the graphics.  As soon as it starts a long cutscene occurs in which the character's enter the castle and don't return and the amazing graphics astound you instantly!  they are, put bluntly, amazing.  Full 3D and bursting with colour at detail everywhere.  From realistic water to the sky to the swimming fish in the lake, the should astound anyone, even more so those you never played the original!  So they are awesome, put simply and some, so what?  Well because of the amazement of the playing of this game I would give the graphics an excellent rating, a 95% rating in Nintendo DS graphical prowess.  Better than anything else on the Nintendo DS console released now, maybe for a long time!

The sound; awful, good or awesome?  Well most and me particularly would agree that the answer to that is awesome, brilliant sound.  But does it improve on the original?  Well yes and this is why....

Mario 64 Mario 64 DS
Good sound, but depends on TV. Awesome and way more easily heard from the DS speakers!
Great realistic sound effects. As good as before with some new ones!
Not many brilliant tricks of sound A puzzle where you have to rely on where the sound is coming from( Big Boo Battle).

As you can see above Mario 64 DS is better than the original.  So the sound would get 95%( because sound use phases out a bit after Big Boo Battle).

But is it fun to play?  Without this the game would be rubbish but it sure has got great gameplay stamped all over the box.   From the defeating of the Big Bob-omb on the summit to the penguin race to the wind riding action in Chief Chilly Challenge, the gameplay remains constantly good throughout.  No boring collect-a-thons with the collection of eight red coins being the most collecting to do.  Instead the game is filled with changing game challenges and Worlds.  Like a land filled with lava, a dock, a wet-dry world, a size changing island and a clock where you can stop time to name a few high lights.  And fun, original boss fights like one with a pair of fists, a metal ball with horns and the ultimate Bowser...

Add to that four awesome characters with special moves and power ups like floating Mario and metal Wario.  Individual stars only they can get!  And thousands of ways to do each and every level!

My score?  100%!  perfect game!

Does it end quick or take forever to end?  The best thing about this is the length varies.  If you just beat up Bowser the game is of a perfect medium length but a master can speed through in a week and the stars can keep you busy for years!  150 stars!  15 courses!  4 characters!  The perfectly long game!  And you will return, if just for the mini-games!

My percentage: 100%

Anything else to note:

There are loads of mini-games!  Awesome high score getters that keep you coming back!  Like sort or splode and Snowball Salom!  And a multi-player with up to four people with one cart!  How brilliant is that?  Actually slightly disappointing but there wasn't no way it could beat the  excellent single player mode!

I loved this game, it's was all I hoped for add 90% more!  If you don't enjoy it you are the most boring person in existence!  And why are you on this site?

Graphics The best on DS without a doubt


Sound Awesome beyond belief and more


Gameplay Faultless


Length Perfect length


Bonuses Plenty of mini-games and multi-player mode:


Overall score 100%



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